OBJECT OF LEYDEN: The object of Leyden is to be the last player to score 100 or more points.


MATERIALS: A double 6 domino set, a way to keep score, and a flat surface.

TYPE OF GAME: Connecting Domino Game



Leyden is a connecting dominos game for 2 players. The goal of the game is to outlast your opponent and not score over 100 points.


The dominos are shuffled, and each player takes a hand of 6 tiles. The remaining dominos form the boneyard.

Special Tiles

There are special tiles called the Matador. These include the tiles that pips equal 7 or 0. [1-6], [2-5], [3-4], and [0-0].


The player with the lowest-ranked double, that is not the double 0, starts. They will lead this domino to start the round. For future rounds, the loser starts and must lead any double that is not double 0.

If a player does not have a double to lead, they may draw from the boneyard to acquire one.

If a player refuses to lead, the other player may. If both refuse, then the round is redealt.

After the first domino is led it becomes the spinner. The first four dominoes played after this one is lead must be played to each side of the spinner. This creates the four arms to be played on.

To add a tile to the end of an arm or to create the arms, the two touching sides of the tile must sum to equal 7.

Doubles do not have special rules and are played in line and not across.

The matador tiles can be played onto any arm or next to the spinner without equaling 7. They may also be placed with either end in line or across. if played in line the arm has one extension to be played off of. If played across then the next player to play to the arm may choose which side of the tile to play off of.

If the [0-0] is played this way to an arm it can only be added to by another matador.

On a player’s turn, they may choose to draw as many tiles as they wish from the boneyard as long as the last two tiles remain. If a player cannot play, they must draw from the boneyard until they have a playable tile or until only two tiles remain. The last two tiles will remain in the boneyard and cannot be drawn by any player.

The round ends when a person dominoes and has no tiles left in hand, or when all arms are blocked and cannot be played on.


After the round concludes each player totals the remaining pips left in their hand and adds this number to their total score.


The game ends when a player reaches or exceeds 100 points at the end of a round. This player is the loser. If both players reach 100 or more, the player with the lower score wins. if both players tie, neither wins.

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