OBJECTIVE OF MORELS: The objective of Morles is to collect more Flavor points than the other players, winning the game!


MATERIALS: 6 Overview Cards, 1 Pair of Shoes, 18 Sticks, 8 Night Cards, 86 Forest Cards, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 12 and Up


The woods are the perfect place to collect, Morels, the most sought-after mushrooms found. There are tons of tasty varieties waiting to be collected. Take your basket, wander into the woods, and collect to your heart’s content. Players may trade in their mushrooms, expanding their area of collection, or they may cook them to acquire more points, getting them closer to winning the game!


 To begin setup, remove two pans from the Forest cards and place them to the side. The Forest cards are then shuffled, creating the draw pile, and placed on one side of the playing area. Reveal eight cards from the draw pile and place them in a line between the two players.

The shoe cards are placed horizontally in front of the two cards that are farthest from the draw pile. The Night cards are shuffled and placed face down beside the draw pile. The Sticks should be placed beside these two decks.

Each player will then collect a Turn overview, one of the pans, three forest cards, a basket, a moon, and a fly agaric. These items should be oriented in front of the player. The game is then ready to begin.


During their turn, a player must complete one of five actions. They must take a card from the Forest, collect all cards from the decay pile, cook 3 or more mushrooms, sell 2 or more mushrooms, or put down a pan. If a player cannot complete any of the actions, their opponent will continue to complete actions until the player can.

Players can take a card from the Forest, but with a hand limit of 8 cards, they may not be able to complete this move. In order to increase the hand limit, the player can get baskets, which increase their hand limit by two cards. They may instead choose to collect all of the cards from the decay pile.

In order for players to cook three mushrooms, they must use identical mushrooms. Players may only cook a single type of mushroom during a turn. They must use a pan and mushrooms, but they may use butter and cidre in order to earn more Flavor points. Players may choose to sell two identical mushrooms, earning sticks.

Finally, players may decide to put down a pan, which may be used to cook in later turns. The game continues in this manner, with players taking turns completing actions, until the last card in the Forest is collected.


When the last card from the Forest is taken, the game comes to an end. Players will then tally the Flavor points of all of their cooked mushrooms. The point value is located below the pan symbol on the card. Night cards earn double points. Players should ensure that they count the points from the Butter and Cidre that they used to cook the mushrooms. The player with the most Flavor Points, wins the game!

Nakoa Davis