OBJECT OF NO THANKS: The objective of No Thanks is to be the player with the lowest score at the end of the game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 7 Players

MATERIALS: 33 Playing Cards and 55 Counters

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



No Thanks is an awesome game that is full of player interactions. This game is fun, fast paced, and perfect for family game night! Simply draw cards, use your counters to avoid taking cards, and gather the cards with the lowest points.

The player with the lowest points at the end of the game becomes the winner!


First, shuffle all the cards. Remove nine of them and place them back in the box, do not look at which cards you are returning to the box. The shuffled deck can be placed face down in the middle of the table.

Next, divvy out the counters to the players. If there are three to five players, each player will get eleven counter, six players get nine counters, and seven players get seven counters. Any other counters can be placed back in the box. Hide your counters from the other players.


The oldest player will begin. A turn begins by revealing the top card from the stack and determining if you will take it or say “No Thanks!” and place a counter onto the card. Each card is worth number of points as shown on the card. Counters will cancel out one point from the card at the end of the game!

If you choose to not take the card, the player on your left will have to make the same decision. This will continue around the group, sometimes multiple times, until a player decides to take the card and all of the counters that have been placed on it. If you choose to keep the card, place it facing up in front of you and add the counters to your supply.

If you take a card, flip the top card from the stack. You may either choose to take that card or place a counter on it. Your turn will continue until you decide to pass on a card. If you no longer have any counters left in your supply, you must take the card, regardless of the number.

When cards only occur in consecutive order, you only count points from the lowest number in the series. A series may be made up of only two cards, or they may be made up of many cards.

When the stack is gone, the game comes to an end and points are tallied.


The game comes to an end when the stack is completely exhausted and there are no cards remaining to be collected. Each player will add up all the points of the cards they took, but only the lowest card in a series. They will then subtract the number of counters they have. The player with the lowest total wins the game!

Nakoa Davis