OBJECT OF NOSEDIVE: The objective of Nosedive is to collect and keep the best possessions throughout the game and end with the highest points.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3-6 players

MATERIALS: 108 Lifestyle Cards, 6 Player Pawns, 3 Bonus Experience Tokens, 1 Influencer Token, 1 Game Board, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Interactive Card Game



Earn social points and judge others harshly, that is what this game is all about! Social status is key, so if you aren’t willing to keep everyone happy, well you might just lose everything you have! This game does require an app—the Nosedive Board Game App. 


First, setup the game board in the center of the group. Each player then chooses a pawn, this will be placed on the home portion of the board. Each player is then dealt five cards, forming their hand. The cards are then placed near the board. 

The three Bonus Experience Tokens are then placed in the top right-hand corner of the board. Finally, enter player names and information into the Nosedive game app. There is only one device needed, and it will be passed around throughout the game. 


To begin, the app will randomly assign social scores to each player. The player with the highest social score gets to be the Influencer and take the Influencer Token. 

There are three rounds, divided into two phases. In the Lifestyle Phase, the Influencer draws the same number of cards as there are players. The Influencer will place the cards separately, facedown near the board. Two cards of their choosing will be face up. 

Each player will then take three turns. To begin the turn, the Influencer places one of the Bonus Experiences Token faceup in the designated area. Each player may then move to a space on the board and complete the action shown on that space. If a player moves to a space where another player is, they must give a card to that player, or they cannot move there.

 The Experience Phase begins after the Lifestyle Phase has ended, signified by no more available Bonus Experience Tokens. In order from lowest social score to highest, each player takes a pile of cards, and places them in front of them, faceup. Follow the instructions on the app. 

It initially asks which players collected Double Damage cards or Bonus Experience Tokens. These items can be removed from the players’ area once they are logged into the app. The app will then prompt each player to give an experience to the other players. These are then rated in secret. Afterwards they may be discussed. 

Giving players desirable experiences raises your social score, while giving least favorable experiences will lower your social score. If a player with a higher social score than you likes your experience, your social score will boost more than if a lower social score player likes it.

After three rounds have been played, points are then tallied. Players first discard any lifestyle cards that have more stars than their social score. Each player earns one point per star, two points for each complete set of cards, and subtract points for any penalty cards.


One down allows a player to place a lifestyle card, facedown, on a pile of their choice. Lifestyle points should be showing.

One up/One down allows a player to place two cards from their hand onto two different piles. One facing up and one facing down.
Draw two means a player to draw two cards from the lifestyle deck.

Draw one/One up allows a player to draw one card and place a card on a pile, faceup.

Two Up allows a player to play two cards, face up, on two different piles.

Plus One Experience allows a player to collect a Bonus Experience Token, which may aid them throughout the game. 


The game ends after three rounds,  and scores are then tallied. The player with the highest points wins!

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