OBJECT OF PAYDAY: The object of Payday is to be the player who has the most cash at the end of the game after playing for one or more months.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players

MATERIALS: 1 Game Board, Payday Money, 46 Mail Cards, 18 Deal Cards, 4 Tokens, 1 Die, and 1 Loan Record Pad

TYPE OF GAME: Board Game



Make smart financial decisions or else you may end up in the hole! As you accumulate money, buy deals, and pay bills, the months will fly by. At the end of the game, the player with the most money and fewest loans wins the game! 


Decide among your group how many months you would like to play for. Months in this game are defined as the calendar from Monday, the first, to Wednesday, the thirty first. Shuffle the mail, then the Deal cards, each separate, and place them in piles facing down near the board. 

Each player will then choose a token and place it on the START space. Choose among yourselves who will be the Banker, this player will be responsible for all the money and transactions. Once chosen, the Banker will begin by distributing $3500 to each player. The money will be distributed as two $1000, two $500, and five $100. 

Another player must be chosen to be the Loan Record Keeper, this player will be responsible for keeping track on the Loan Record Pad of all Loan transactions that occur throughout the game. The players’ names are placed at the top of the pad. The group will then choose a player to go first.


When it is your turn, roll the die and move your token the same number of spaces along the calendar. Remember to use the track like you would a real calendar, Sunday to Saturday. Once landed, follow the instructions that are found on the space. When you have finished doing what you are told, your turn comes to an end. Gameplay continues to the left around the board. 

Once you have played the predetermined amount of time, the game comes to an end. Players will then count their money and the winner will be decided!


Loans may be taken out at any time throughout the game. The Banker will distribute the money and the Loan Record Keeper will keep track on the pad. Loans must occur in increments of $1000. On Pay Day you may pay on your loan, no other time is acceptable. 

Mail Spaces and Cards


Nothing occurs when you receive advertisements, they are the junk mail of the game. They may be discarded when you reach Pay Day.


You do not have to do anything when you receive postcards, but they are fun to receive and read. Discard them when you reach Pay Day if you wish to do so.


When you receive bills, you must pay them at the end of the month. On Pay Day, after receiving your salary, pay all the bills that you have accumulated throughout the month.


When you receive a moneygram, a player you know needs some money. You have to immediately send the required amount by placing it on the Jackpot space on the board. When you roll a six, you win all the money that is on the Jackpot space!

The Deal Spaces and Cards

When you land on a deal space, draw a deal card. You may buy the item that is on the card by paying the bank. If you do not have the money, you may take out a loan instead. Discard the card if you decide to not buy it. 

If you land on a Found a Buyer space, then you may cash in the card for a profit. The bank will pay you in this situation. You may only ever sell one deal at a time.

Pay Day

Always stop on the Pay Day space, even if your roll would normally take you past it. Collect your salary from the bank. You must pay 10% interest to the bank if you have an outstanding balance on a loan. Here, you may make a payment on a loan if you wish. You must pay off all the bills you have acquired throughout the month, and if you are lacking funds, take out a loan.

Return your token to the START position, and you will begin a new month. 


 When all the players have completed the designated number of months, they will tally their cash total. Any outstanding loans must be subtracted from the totals, and the amount left is considered your net worth. The player who has the highest net worth wins the game!

Nakoa Davis