OBJECTIVE OF PIŞTI: The objective of Pişti is to be the first team to reach 151 points.


MATERIALS: A standard 52-card deck, a way to keep score, and a flat surface.

TYPE OF GAME: Fishing Card Game



Pişti is a fishing card game for 4 players. The object of the game is to be the first team to reach 151 points.

Players can complete the objective by capturing and scoring cards during the rounds of play. 


The first dealer will be random and then pass to the right at the start of each new round. The dealer will shuffle the deck and allow the player to their left to cut the deck. When cutting the player will check to see if the cut portion (the portion that’s bottom card will become the new bottom of the deck) is not a jack. If it is the player will need to recut the deck.

The dealer will then deal four cards to the center of the table. Then each player is also dealt 4 cards. The remaining cards are kept close to the dealer for future deals. The bottom card of the deck is revealed and kept faceup under the deck slightly off-center so that it can be seen by all players.

The top card of the four cards dealt to the center is revealed to create the play pile. If it is a jack an additional card is revealed. In the unlikely event all four cards are jacks, a redeal would be needed.

The remaining cards are left unrevealed and are captured to the score pile of the first team to capture the play pile.

Card Rankings and Values

The ranking of cards is not used in this game. What matters is matching the ranks of cards. Jacks also have a special ability to capture a play pile without having to match the top card.

Captured cards have values for scoring. Each jack captured is worth 1 point. Each ace is also worth 1 point. The 2 of clubs is worth 2 points, and the 10 of diamonds is worth 3 points.

There are also additional points awarded for the team to capture the most cards, and for certain captures called Piştis. These will be discussed more below, but 3 points are awarded to the team with the most captured cards, and 10 points are awarded for each Pişti.


After the cards are dealt and the play pile started the player to the dealer’s right may start the round. Play proceeds counterclockwise from them. On a player’s turn, they will play a single card from their hand to the play pile.

If the played card matches the rank of the top card of the play pile, you capture the pile for your team. If you play a jack you will also capture the play pile for your team.

In the event your card is not of the same rank or a jack, the card becomes the new top card of the play pile.

The team that captures the play pile first is also awarded the remaining center dealt cards that were not used to start the play pile. The team who captures these cards may look at them before putting them in their score pile but may not show the other team.

If a player ever captures a play pile with only a single card in it, and they do so with a card of the same rank and not a jack, this player scores a Pişti. If a jack is captured by another jack, then this is a double Pişti and is worth 20 points. A Pişti cannot be scored by the first card played (aka the first turn of the first player) or by the last card (the final card played by the dealer).

Once players play out all 4 of their dealt cards the dealer deals each play a new hand of 4. This is continued until all cards are played.

After the last card is played any remaining uncaptured cards are awarded to the last team to capture the play pile.


After the round is completed teams will combine their score piles and calculate their scores.

If the team’s tie for the most cards captured the 3 points are not awarded to either team.

Scores are kept cumulatively over several rounds.


The game ends once a team reaches 151 points. They are the winners. If both teams reach 151 points in the same round, then the team with more points wins.

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