President Card game rules, Asshole card game rules

OBJECT OF POWER STRUGGLE: The objective of Power Struggle is to win the most rounds by the end of the game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 10 players

MATERIALS: A rule book, 5 cabinet cards, 50 rule cards, and 57 numbered cards

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking/Competition Card Game



Power Struggle is a spinoff of Presidents and Assholes, and it just makes up the rules for you as you go. There are new rule cards drawn each round, spicing it up as you play. Drinks can be involved, which definitely makes the game a little more interesting!

If your feelings are easily hurt, then this may not be the game for you. Be prepared to potentially be booed throughout a round or just do weird things. Are you able to outsmart your friends, even if the game is against you?

There are four varieties of this game, the original, hillbilly, college, and N.S.F.W. These packs can be mixed to accommodate more players and a lot more fun!


First, separate the cards into three decks, the Rules is Rules deck, the Cabinet deck, and the Playing deck. Each deck is then placed face down in the middle of the group.

One playing card is dealt to each player, and the player with the highest card becomes the dealer. The Playing deck is then shuffled and dealt to the players. Then the player with the start card begins the game as President.


To begin the game, the President will lay down the start card and nothing else. The player to the left will lay down any card, it may also be double, triple, or quadruple of the same card. Don’t forget, the goal is to empty your hand! 

Players may also lay down Wild Cards, but only one per turn. The next player must try to play a card that is higher in ranking than the one played by the previous player. Doubles always beat singles, triples always beat doubles and quadruples always beat triples.  If they do not have a card to beat the previous, then they may skip their turn or play a Wild Card. 

If all players skip due to the inability to beat the card, then a new card may be played. The round continues until everyone has cleared the cards from their hand. The person with the last card is the Asshole, and they are stuck dealing the next round. The player to clear their hand first is the President, choosing rules for the next round.

Each round, the President will draw a rule card, and these rules must be followed throughout the round, or the player must drink. Then the President may choose to veto a rule if they do not like it. This is at the President’s discretion. 

It is recommended to play 5-7 rounds. However, the group may decide how many rounds to play.



The player who lays down a Drink Card chooses someone, anyone, to drink. 


All players must give a toast.


Previous cards are cleared, and the player may play any card.


Whenever the group decides that enough rounds have been played, the game is over. The player who has won the most rounds wins the game!

Nakoa Davis