OBJECTIVE OF SCHIEBER JASS: The objective of Schieber Jass is to be the first team to earn 3000 points.


MATERIALS: 1 36 Card Jass Pack

TYPE OF GAME: Trick Taking Card Game



Schieber Jass is a trick taking game with partnerships. The four players will separate into teams and attempt to win the tricks in order to score more points. The team that scores 3000 points wins the game! Strategy and teamwork will get you far, so make sure to use it!


Players will choose their teammates firstly, and they will sit directly across from them throughout the course of the game. The dealer is chosen by the group, this may be done however the group decides, but it is most commonly done by drawing for the high card. The player with the highest card becomes the dealer. The deal and gameplay are counterclockwise.

The dealer will deal all of the cards, in sets of three, to each player, beginning with the dealer to their right. The player who has the seven of flowers will lead the first bid. On all other hands, the player to the right of the dealer will lead the tricks.

Card Ranking

Card are ranked from highest to lowest in the following order, accompanied by their point value: Aces(11 points), Kings(4 points), Obers(3 points), Unders(2 points), Banner(10 points), Nines(no points), Eights(no points), Sevens(no points), Sixes(no points).


Each team will choose which player will keep up with the score throughout the game. This player is to tally points that are earned on a piece of paper. The first player will choose a contract, or shove. If they shove, their partner is forced to choose a contract.


Acorns, Shields, Bells, Flowers: These contracts may be announced as single or double, allowing more points to be earned. They will play with the announced suit as the trump.

Obenabe: Gameplay continues with no trumps. The eights also count for eight points.

Undenufe: There are no trumps, and suits are inverted. The sixes become the highest and Aces become the lowest.

The first player will then lead the trick. Then, the winner of the round will get to lead the next trick. If there is no Trump suit, players follow suit if they are able to. Players are able to play any card if they cannot follow suit.

Tricks are won by the highest card played. If there is a trump suit, then it is won by the highest trump card played to the trick.

After the first trick has been played, playes are to announce their Weis. The team with the best Weis will score points for all of their Weis, and the other partnership will get no points for the Weis.

A player who has both the King and Ober may announce stock. This scores twenty points for the partnership. Gameplay continues until a team has scored 3000 points.


The game comes to an end when a team scores 3000 points. This may occur in the middle of a hand, and the game will come to an end immediately.

Nakoa Davis