OBJECTIVE OF SLEEPING GODS: The objective of Sleeping Gods is for the team to find the eight totems before time runs out and the Hectakron destroys your only vessel. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: Chalk, a Rock, and a Scoresheet 

TYPE OF GAME: Cooperative Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 13 and Up 


In Sleeping Gods, the players will act as the captain and crew of the Manticore, attempting to sail through a strange world of mystery. Players must work together to keep each other alive as they explore exotic islands, introducing new characters, and searching for the totems of the ancient gods. This is the last chance that your group has to get home. 


When starting a new game, the setup will be as follows. Begin by placing the atlas at the center of the playing area with ship tokens placed in the second location. The shipboard should be placed next to the atlas, and on it, the damage marker will be placed on the eleventh space, and the morale token will be placed on the fifth space of the morale track. The crew board is placed beside the shipboard in the middle of the playing area, and each player is given a crew board.  

The ability deck is shuffled and placed beside the board, and three cards are drawn and given to the randomly chosen first player. The market deck is shuffled and placed near the board. The event cards should be separated depending on the type, then six cards are drawn from each of the decks to create a new deck that will be placed on the shipboard. Any other cards are returned to the box. The starting cards are placed near the shipboard.  

The deck cards, enemy cards, and combo point cards are all shuffled separately and placed somewhere near the board. The search tokens are shuffled and placed face down near the shipboard. Player cards are then assigned depending on the order of play. Finally, the level cards are placed near the board. The game is then ready to begin! 


Beginning with the first player, players will take their turns in clockwise order around the group. During their turn, the player will complete five steps before gameplay passes to the next player. To begin their turn, the player will start by drawing an ability card. If the player has more than three cards in their hand after the draw, then they must discard down to the hand maximum of three cards. They will then collect three command tokens. Players are never permitted to give away their tokens, and if there are not enough to draw, then none can be collected.  

They will then draw an event card, reading the effect aloud to the group. Some cards allow the player to make a choice, whereas other cards require that the players face a designated challenge. The players will then complete two actions. They are permitted to form the same action twice if they choose. Players may choose to travel, explore, prepare, search, gain command, visit a market location, or visit a port. Players should be strategic when choosing their actions.  

Finally, once a player has completed their choice of actions, the captain token is passed to the next player. The player with the captain token will complete their turn in the same fashion. 


The game may come to an end in two different ways, either in success or defeat. If the players deplete the event deck three times, then the Hectakron attacks them, destroying their boat beyond repair, and leaving them to perish. If the players collect all eight of the totems before that occurs, then they win the game!  

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