OBJECT OF S’MORES WARS: The objective of S’mores Wars is to score the best ingredients to create s’mores and win the most points.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 5 Players

MATERIALS: 25 Battle Cards, 55 Ingredient Cards, 20 Round Selection Tokens, 5 S’mores Tokens, 5 Tiebreaker Cards, 1 Game Board, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



S’mores Wars is a fast, fun, and competitive family game. Each player must attempt to win their desired card in order to make the most s’mores. Players earn points for each card in a completed s’more but lose points for each ingredient sitting in s’morage. So, make sure you are using everything you have!

As players compete for each ingredient, ties may occur. In a rock, paper, scissors fashion players will determine which one will actually earn the ingredient. There are expansion packs available to add more fun and more friends!


To begin setup, create three piles. One will be for Marshmallows, one for Graham Crackers, and one for Chocolate, shuffling each one before creating the tile. Each player will get two Battle Cards of their color, four Tokens, and one S’morage token.

After each player has gathered their necessities, flip the top card in each of the three condiment piles. The game is ready to begin!


Players will choose from their tokens, at the same time, signaling which one they would like to get. If you are the only player who would like a condiment, then you receive it. If not, you must battle for it.

If numerous players go for the same card, then each one will choose a battle card. This is similar to rock, paper, scissors, so make sure you pick the most powerful one if given the chance. The order of strength of the cards is written on the bottom of each card. If a few players choose the same battle card, then tiebreaker cards may be used!

S’mores must be made in an order of Graham Cracker, Chocolate and Marshmallow, then another Graham Cracker. If you have a Chocolate or Marshmallow, but no Graham Cracker, you may place it in your S’morage until it can be used.


The game comes to an end when one of the piles have been exhausted. At this point, points are tallied. Players earn points for their completed S’mores. If you have numerous cards left over that are not in a complete S’more, a point is lost for every card. The player with the most points wins the game!

Nakoa Davis