OBJECTIVE OF TEEN DO PAANCH: The objective of every player is to win minimum required tricks and to win maximum scores at the end of the game. 


NUMBER OF CARDS: Modified deck of 52 cards that includes Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10s, 9s, 8s of all suits and 7 of heart and diamond (Total 30 Cards).


RANKING OF CARDS: Ace is the highest and 8s and 7s are lowest.

ROUNDS IN GAME: There are 3 rounds in a single game 

TYPE OF GAME: Trick-Taking


Select one player who will be the dealer of the round. 

To do this 3 cards (2, 3, and 5) of any suit are drawn from the remaining deck of cards and kept on the table facing down. Each player is then made to pick one card. The one with 2 becomes the first round dealer, 3 becomes second round dealer, and 5 becomes third round dealer.

In this game, the play rotates in a counter-clockwise direction. The dealer is set to make 2 tricks, player to the dealer’s right is set to make 5 tricks and player to dealer’s left is set to make 3 tricks.

The dealer begins by distributing out 5 cards face down together to every player and the player to the dealer’s right could examine his first 5 cards to select the trump suit for the round. The dealer then resumes distributing 3 cards face down together to each player and then distributes 2 cards face down together to both players. Each player has a total of 10 cards in their hand.


After distribution of cards, the players arrange their cards according to the suit and player to the right of the dealer lays the first card to the first trick.

This trick continues in counter-clockwise direction and every player involved plays one card to the trick.

Every player is required to play the card of the suit that led the trick if they have it but if they do not have any such card then they may play any card from their hand to the trick (including the trump suit).

Each trick is won by the player of highest card of the same suit which was the first card played or highest trump card played to it. 

The winner of each trick then leads to the first card of the next trick.

After all 10 tricks have been played, the players then determine if they have managed to win at least as many tricks are required to win as defined under the game rules (three, two or five).

Number of tricks won by each player is noted down.

If all players made the requisite number of tricks, the next round is dealt as normal with the dealer passing to the left.

However if any player did not win as many tricks as he was supposed to then he is assessed a penalty in the next round.

Thus, on the next round he must allow the player/players winning more than the number of required tricks is set to pull random cards from his hand sight unseen at the start of that round.  He includes the selected card with his own cards, and then gives any other card of his choice to the player he pulled the card from.

Example: If A was supposed to make 5 tricks, B and C were supposed to make 3 and 2 tricks respectively. But if A could only make 3 tricks but B and C makes 4 and 3 tricks respectively. Then, in next round B and C both will pull 1-1 random card from A. 

The round then continues as usual with the first trick getting played by the dealer’s right player.


At the end of each round, the number of tricks made by each player is noted down. At the end of the third game, the player with the maximum number of tricks in total wins the game.

Nakoa Davis