OBJECT OF WATTEN: The objective of Watten is to be the first team to score 11 or more points.


MATERIALS: 32 Card German Suited Deck, Paper, and a Pencil

TYPE OF GAME: Trick Taking Card Game



Watten is a sociable card game that is played throughout the Alps in Southern Germany to Tyrol. The game allows for four players to separate into teams, and through teamwork, win the game. As a slight variation of most trick taking games, players may increase the points that are at stake, depending on how brave they are.

Are you prepared to test your German heritage and play Watten? 


To begin setup, four players will divide into two teams. The dealer, chosen by the players, will shuffle the cards, allowing the player on their left to cut the deck. The cut card is presented to the group. If it is a Kritische, a German card similar to a Queen, then the cutter gets to keep it for themselves. If that reveals another Kritische, then the dealer may keep it, if the final reveal is another Kritische, then the cutter may also keep this one.

The dealer will then deal each player five cards, a packet of three cards then a packet of two cards. If Kritische were revealed and collected by the dealer or the cutter, then they will receive correspondingly less cards in the first round. Everyone should have five cards in their hand.

The dealer and the player on their left will look at their cards. The player on the left will choose what the trump rank will be. The dealer will choose the trump suit. The other players may look at their cards once the dealer and other player have announced the trump rank and trump suit.


The game is played in tricks, consisting of one card played by the players in turn. The player to the left of the dealer will lead the first trick. The trick is won by the highest trump, or by the highest card played if there are no trumps. The winner of a trick will lead the next one.

If the player leading the first trick announces “Trumpf oder Kritische” if they are playing the card of both the trump rank and suit. Then, players must either play a Kritische or a card of a trump suit if they are able. This continues until the end of the trick or until the card is beaten by a Kritische. Then, players may play whatever card they wish.

The object is to win three tricks, which scores two points. When a team has done this, the round may end and scoring takes place.

Teams that win three tricks, earn two points. A new round may begin, and the trick is lead by the last player who captured a trick. The game will continue until a team has won 11 points.


The game comes to an end when a team has scored 11 points. At this point they are declared the winners, and the losers must buy the drinks.

Nakoa Davis