The Best GamStop Alternatives in the UK

At some point in the recent past, you decided you were losing control of your online gambling activities. It might have been a perception issue or perhaps you started experiencing real personal issues because you were gambling too much with too much money.

Knowing your favorite online gambling site was a GamStop Self-exclusion program subscriber, you decided to register with the program. After completing the short registration process, you were immediately blocked from accessing all of your UK gambling accounts as long as they existed with licensed UK operators. You also discovered that the information you gave during the GamStop registration process was being used to keep you from opening any new accounts. 

Now, you have decided your online gambling is not really a problem. Based on this realization, you now have a sudden desire to resume your online gambling activities. Guess what? You won’t be able to do that with a legitimate licensed UK online gambling operator. Before you panic, you should know you do have ways you can get around GamStop until your self-exclusion expires. 

The Best GamStop Alternatives for UK Gamblers

Rest assured, a lot of registered GamStop gamblers have had a change of heart. What the highly motivated gamblers quickly learned was there were several safe and secure ways to beat the GamStop scheme. The following information is going to focus on the five best GamStop alternatives for UK online gamblers.

1. Use a non-GamStop UK Casino

While many of the licensed online gambling operators in the UK might be considered the “gold standard” throughout the world, the UK is still home to a lot of quality online gambling operators that have been able to avoid the GamStop scheme. In fact, you will find UK players continue playing on casino sites without GamStop all the time. 

If you can stomach a tiny bit of extra risk, this is a wonderful online gambling alternative. It works very well for astute online gamblers who pay close attention to each and every online gambling website’s reputation. The good non-GsmStop options are safe and reliable while offering the exact same betting markets and or casino games as the UK’s best GamStop sites.

2. Use Bitcoin-only Casinos

As the popularity of Bitcoin grows as a means of exchange, more casinos are accepting Bitcoin as a viable banking option. That has led to the creation of casinos that only accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. 

The biggest benefit these casinos offer to online gamblers like you is a high level of anonymity. For the most part, gamblers only have to create a user name and offer access to a crypto wallet option. A gambler’s status with GamStop or any other self-exclusion program is of no consequence.

3. Take Your Gambling Activities Offshore

There was a time when the UK and the UK Gambling Commission ruled the online gambling world in Europe. Those days are long gone. Today, there are plenty of top online gambling operators that are licensed and regulated outside of the UK.

What does that mean for you? Since UK gamblers have a reputation for spending money and being astute online gamblers, offshore operators will welcome them with open arms. If you were to go this route, you might need to use a VPN to access certain operators. Also, you might have to find creative ways to funds your offshore gambling account or accounts because debit/credit cards won’t work.

4. Use Low to No Verification Operators

If you are a risk-taker, you can always open accounts with operators that don’t put much effort by reputation into the account verification process. If you can find a licensed operator that does this, that might be a temporary option until they get caught. Otherwise, you might run into a rogue operator with bad intentions. Be careful with this option.

5. The Retail Gambling Option

If you live near land-based casinos and or bet shops, your best solution might be staring you right in the face. Maybe, you should consider using retail gambling options until your GamStop self-exclusion expires. If you think about it, retail facilities offer lots of excitement and perks. If your self-exclusion period expires anytime soon, retail gambling for a short while is a good option if it’s convenient.

6. Play Video Games or Watch Movies

Slightly unconventional solution to overcome gaming addiction, but very effective. It allows in periods of escalated desire to play their favorite slots – a little distraction. In general, video games help many players to plunge into the exciting fictional worlds, which in turn will smooth the periods of aggravation. Additionally, consider watching movies or TV series.

Nakoa Davis