The Best Places to Watch Live CSGO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) ranks globally among the most live-streamed esports. Both casual fans and hardcore communities enjoy the live experience of a live tournament unfolding right before their eyes. The esports markets keep recording a steady growth in live streaming, meaning more fans now have more convenient avenues to keep up with the leagues and tournaments they enjoy.

The CSGO Pro League is always in play throughout the year on these esports platforms. Other than this main league, more Qualifiers, Majors, and Minors are also usually broadcasted online now that they have an equally large following.

Most adherent CSGO fans, unfortunately, admit to having a hard time riffling through the internet to find and keep up with their favorite leagues or even find new ones. We might have solved that puzzle for you. Unlike most esports where the hosts broadcast their games, Valve, the CSGO sponsor, allows third parties to run the tournaments.

Remember, these contests vary based on tiers and regions. Understandably, keeping up with all the steaming avenues can be painstaking, even for internet-savvy fans.

We are here to point you towards the best CSGO live scores and betting sources available.

1. YouTube

The YouTube live gaming section is unequivocally the default go-to platform, especially for casual fans. If you’re looking for the latest news, favorite players, or teams, it’s an excellent place to start. Here, all the heavyweight CSGO tournaments are hosted on official sponsors’ pages. 

Some of the major organizers and live streaming channels are:

  • Rainbow Six Esports
  • ESL Counter-Strike
  • Blast Premier
  • Major League Gaming. 
  • TheScore eSports

Pros of Using YouTube

  • Streamlined and very friendly user-interface
  • Easily navigable
  • A well-optimized mobile app
  • Ease of access across all devices

Generally, YouTube is doing a fantastic job with video games. It has an array of live-streamed content, including casual gameplays, speed runs, and mod-show cases.

It’s also the best platform to watch extras, past videos, commentary roundtables, and exclusive interviews. If you relish watching BTS, there are famous personal YT channels like the FaZe Clan that upload such.


Twitch is a digital pioneer when it comes to live streaming eSports and video games. Statistics still revere it as an esports bigwig, recording more than 1.5M broadcasters and 100M+ visitors on the platform monthly.

You can tune in to catch up with past events or live stream CSGO with ease. 

Third-party organizers like ELEAGUE, who run CSGO, can also live stream through Twitch. 

To catch up with CSGO tournaments might want to tune in to channels like:

  • Pro League
  • Main ESL
  • ELeague

Pros of Using Twitch

  • Has HD streams
  • Thousands of clips for you to catch up on
  • Allows for fans to interact within the community while the broadcast is going on
  • Digital giveaways for fans from publishers like Valve, as a token of appreciation for watching their games  

3. Facebook

Facebook is an obvious choice here, now that it’s the official CSGO broadcasting partner for the Pro League plus other ESL events.

The Electronic Sports League provides links to the tournaments, so you don’t have to have a Facebook account to watch.

The video quality is equally impressive since FB allows for 11080p resolution. Should you opt for a virtual reality headset, Facebook got you. 

Facebook is even looking into making the streaming experience more authentic by creating video features that enable fans to watch with friends and interact in chat rooms.

Pros for Using Facebook

  • Very reliable since it’s the official ESL live streaming partner
  • Friendly user interface
  • Allows fans to interact
  • Quality videos 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I bet on CSGO?

Yes. You can predict the outcomes of particular events as the live match unfolds. Another betting option is to wager on the entire tournament. 

However, before you bet, you need an in-depth understanding of the CSGO betting markets. Acquaint yourself with the betting options like:

  • Map Winner
  • Match winner
  • Total Maps Played
  • Correct Score

2. Are the CSGO Betting Sites Trustworthy?

Yes, they are. These sites are dependable because they have been licensed by relevant authorities, allowing them to offer betting services to players.

3. Is Live Betting an Option in CSGO?

It is. CSGO allows for live betting. The betting sites have an array of events you can wager on during the live matches. Check out different sportsbooks since some have fairer odds than others.

Final Word

Live streaming esports is now a norm in 2022. Some top streaming services currently include Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. You can now watch CSGO or any other esports during the live streams or catch up with your favorite leagues and tournaments later.

The decision to launch sports online was the best thing that ever happened to video games and sports lovers because of the convenience it brings.

Nakoa Davis