The History of Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, that you will find in almost every establishment. The game has been here for decades and it keeps on evolving as the years go by. 

As the interest in the game continues to grow, developers are investing more in innovative technologies to help augment the player’s experience.

The Evolution of Roulette on the Internet

In recent years, the growth of internet casinos has allowed everyone to play their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes. Every month, new casino platforms are launched, providing roulette fans with a wealth of choices. Regardless of your location, you may now play European, American, and other forms of roulette.

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We need to look at the history of roulette to see how it came to be so popular among gamblers all around the world. 

The Origin of Roulette

The history of the game known as “roulette” is buried in secrecy. According to the most frequently accepted story, the game was invented by French math genius and accomplished nerd Blaise Pascal in the 17th century. He invented the game while he was hard at work trying to invent a perpetual motion machine.

Many ancient societies, though, played games that are quite similar to roulette, according to research. Let’s take a look at a few strange examples from the world’s long history.

Conspiracy in China

Many people claim that roulette is based on an old Chinese board game in which 37 animal miniatures were arranged on a magic square with 666 numbers. The game was discovered by Dominican monks who were heavily involved in many parts of Chinese society, and it was eventually brought to Europe, with minor changes.

Unfortunately, no exact information on how the original Chinese game was played can be found. The monks altered the plan by turning the square into a circle and creating a specific space for the number zero.

 The problem with this story is that even the earliest versions of French roulette included a zero and a double zero slot, so implying that the “ancient Chinese game” was still in use is most likely false. Even yet, the numbers on a contemporary roulette wheel sum up to 666, which is a rather enigmatic number.

Time Wasting in Ancient Rome

Soldiering in ancient Rome was not a very enjoyable or interesting career. The soldiers had to deal with not only the short life expectancy, but also the continual wounding and murder of their friends and colleagues in battle. This was more than enough to lower the soldiers’ morale, lowering their fighting effectiveness.

While not dodging arrows and spears, the soldiers could also partake in a variety of gambling games. One specific game is fairly comparable to modern-day roulette. Soldiers would write symbols on the inside of shields, then set them face down on the ground with an arrow next to them. They’d then spin the shield and bet on which symbol would come to a halt in front of the arrow.

Both of those army games have a connection to roulette, but there isn’t enough evidence to back up the notion that roulette originated in Rome.

France Takes Full Responsibility

Roulette is unmistakably French in origin, thus the name. The design and gameplay, on the other hand, are obviously influenced by two very similar games popular in 17th century Europe. They were known as “Roly Poly” and “Even-Odd,” and they both included spinning a wheel and wagering on the outcome. Blaise Pascal was a well-known gambler, so he was certainly aware of them while designing his version of the wheel.

Gambling was not very popular in the period, owing to the fact that gambling was prohibited in many European nations. Prince Charles of Monaco was having financial difficulties and came up with the bright idea of using the growing popularity of gambling to help him solve some of his problems.

The roulette played in those casinos was nearly comparable to the one we play today — even the betting possibilities were nearly identical. The numerals ranged from 1 to 36, with one zero and one double zero pocket, and the colors red and black.

How Roulette Succeeded in Taking Europe by Storm

It’s reasonable to argue that today’s casino games would not be as popular if it weren’t for two brilliant Frenchmen named Francois and Louis Blanc. They are the ones that eliminated the double zero pocket, basically developing European Roulette as we know it today.

Gambling was still illegal in France at the time, so the two had to find another way to market their game. They relocated to Hamburg, Germany, and presented their roulette game to the local gaming scene.

The house advantage drops to 2.70 percent when there is only one zero slot. From Fluencyzero roulette became popular due to its reduced odds and higher return-to-player percentages.

Several years later, at the invitation of Prince Charles of Monaco III, Francois and Louis reintroduced the game of roulette to France. They built the world’s first modern casino, which included the famed single zero roulette game as its centerpiece. Soon after, they began construction on the opulent Monte Carlo Casino Resort.

The resort attracted the wealthiest and most distinguished Europeans and reintroduced them to the game of roulette. After that, gambling games, notably roulette, became highly popular throughout all of Europe.

Emergence of Roulette in America

European settlers brought American Roulette to the United States in the nineteenth century. The poor pay irritated American players, and they lost interest in the game. The double zero variation, now known as American Roulette, finally became the accepted mode of play.

Roulette Today

Roulette is still one of the best casino games, and it’s easier to play than ever before. The exhilaration of holding and waiting to see if you’ll be lucky was known to the ancient Romans and Greeks. Roulette is just a game of chance, with no established tactics for winning. You can play roulette at new UK casinos 2023 as well. Those sites quite often provide players with better bonuses and more roulette games to play on.