The History of Slot Machines: A Short Review

A slot machine is a gambling machine that uses tokens, money, or electronic cards to function. It has distinctive reels that spin when the game is triggered, delivering a result. Online casinos provide a large selection of video versions of traditional slot machines.

Slot machines have been a gaming fixture throughout the years. They are adored by players across the globe.

Slot Machine Evolution

Slot machines have progressed to the point that you can now wager on them with real money on mobile devices and desktops. You can play for free or wager for real money in just a few minutes on casino websites. 

You can read more about the best slot sites in the UK from this guide on The world’s most renowned casino game has gone through a series of changes to get to where it is now. Below are some of these changes.

The Origin of Slot Machines

Here is a brief history of the very first slot machines that shaped the course for the evolutionary slot machines that we see today.

Liberty Bell, the First Slot Machine

The Liberty Bell was the first slot machine, invented by Charles Fey in 1895. The three-reel slot machine configuration that is now known as the “classic” was the norm at the time. Instead of fruits and a “7,” the jackpot symbols were heat and spade suits, as well as a Liberty Bell. The payout was 50 cents, or 10 nickels at the time.

Fey was also responsible for the creation of the first video poker machine. The Liberty Belle Saloon in Reno, Nevada, now houses the world’s first mechanical slot machine.

Sittman and Pitt

This is yet another slot machine invented in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt. This fruit machine had five rotating reels.

It did not pay out directly, but a player could win tokens such as free beer, cocktails, cigars, and so on.

Increase in Popularity

Despite the fact that Fey was unable to meet customer demands for slot machines, he refused to transfer the rights to other manufacturers. Around 1907, Herbert Mills, a veteran of arcade machines, began developing his own slot machine, which featured the well-known traditional fruit symbols. He coined the name “Operator Bell” for it.

One interesting truth is that, for a brief period in history, financial rewards were not permitted. Slot players were given gum and sweets as prizes during the break between wins.

Electronic Slot Machines 

Before the computerization of slot machines, players would have to spin metal hoops using a lever. However, the coins were automatically dispensed. Pace Races, an animated and electric horse racing machine, existed long before slot machines were electronic. The year was 1934, and 30 years later, Nevada Electronics released a wholly electronic “21” machine.

In the same year, Bally launched Money Honey, a slot machine featuring electrically powered reels. They preserved the lever because they didn’t want players to be too surprised by the new release. It was popular because of its automated nature and largest payout of 500 coins.

After variants for roulette, dice, and card games, the Fortune Coin Company finally produced an electronic slot machine in 1975.

Fortune Coin was purchased by IGT in 1978, and it is currently one of the numerous high-quality suppliers of online slot games. The reels of their slot machines were displayed on a Sony TV, and the machine also preserved the lever.

Video Slot Machines with Several Displays

They weren’t dubbed “video slots” until all-electronic slot machines became popular. They were a tremendous success back in those days when they were displayed on screens. Things progressed a little more in the 1990s. 

Electronic slot machines in Australia and the United States acquired two screens in 1994 and 1996, respectively, with a new bonus round scenario. WMS’ “Reel ‘Em,” which now has a contemporary online version, is an excellent example.

These bonus rounds are now one of the most essential factors for gamers to consider when selecting online slot machines.

The Emergence of Online Video Slot Machines

There are thousands of slot machines to choose from online, and dozens of different suppliers release new titles every week. Games were designed in Flash – and more recently in HTML5 – for online casinos, and can now be played on mobile devices and PCs. All that is required of the players is an internet connection.

That’s all there is to it. Most internet casinos have free slot machines that may be played indefinitely. Hitting a button whenever the player thinks it’s time to bet is all it takes.

The Influence of the Internet

The early 1990s witnessed the emergence of a wide range of internet-related activities. People could now exchange emails, visit websites, and even talk with one another. The casino sector, particularly video slots, saw this as a big opportunity.

As a result, Microgaming created the first online gambling software in 1994, shortly after Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade and Processing Act. The creation of internet casinos was made possible by this legislation.

The first online casino was Internet Gaming Inc. (ICI), which was powered by Microgaming. It was first released in 1995. InterCasino followed in 1996, and other gaming sites appeared over the next decade or so. On these sites, online slots have become some of the most popular games.

Slot Machines in the Future

As more countries and states, such as Philadelphia and Illinois, establish rules and regulations recognizing internet casinos, we may expect slot games to regain popularity among many gamblers.

Furthermore, we anticipate a large growth in slot machines in numerous public areas across the world (airports, bars, lounges, and more). For example, the city of Chicago recently commissioned a study that found that placing slot machines on-site might generate an additional 37 million dollars in income for the city. This demonstrates how local governments are gravitating to the concept of allowing the gaming business to flourish.With disruptive technologies like virtual reality, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI) making inroads into the gambling business, we’re in for another interesting chapter in the history of slot machines.