Best Ways to Earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

One of the top MMORPGs currently available is Final Fantasy XIV. Everything about the game is exceptionally well thought out and exciting, including the main plot, side quests, and character development.

Additionally, it has some of the best single-player components of any MMO today. Players have a ton of flexibility to explore the game’s environment, characters, and systems, thanks to its abundance of possibilities. Overall, this is a truly fantastic game.

As fascinating as the universe of Final Fantasy XIV is, it has many challenging elements, as one would expect from a top game. Utilizing the in-game currency is one of the most difficult. Like many MMOs, Final Fantasy XIV features its own in-game currency, Gil.

Players can use the Final Fantasy XIV gold to purchase various items, such as furniture, weapons, consumables, gear, and other supplies.

Many players fantasize about saving up for their own virtual home in the game, which is probably the most expensive endeavor, as doing so would cost millions of Gil.

There are numerous ways for players to earn a lot of Gil while playing the game. While some of these strategies may become less effective as new expansions are added, many will remain efficient.

Your character’s class or job may affect your ability to earn Gil in the game. The crafters and gatherers of Final Fantasy XIV, or the Disciples of the Hand and Land, tend to make more quickly. In contrast, most players, or combat-centric players, tend to earn more frequently.

EndWalker is the most recent expansion for the game, and earning Gil is still required to play it to its fullest potential.

In FFXIV, the following are the best tips to follow to earn lots of Gil:

Complete Quests

Regular quests, side quests, duties, and other in-game tasks must be completed to level up your character, acquire goods, and earn Gil.

Players can locate tasks by checking the Recommendations list to determine what Duties are nearby. Finding a non-player character (NPC) with an illustrative icon above their head will allow players to begin the Main Story Quest.

There is a base-level requirement for each Main Quest. Others call for the player to finish a Dungeon, gather items, battle monsters, and perform other tasks. 

Some will only demand the player to communicate with another NPC. Players are consistently given Experience Points and Gil for completing the quest, with other goods being awarded occasionally.

Like most other MMOs, RPGs and Legacy Games, Final Fantasy XIV offers a variety of challenges and jobs that refresh every day or every week. Both of these can be excellent ways to earn some additional Gil. Roulettes and beast men quests are two examples of daily tasks that can be completed for Materia or Gil.

There is also a weekly challenge log, a list of tasks you can do each week to earn Gil, and experience points. You can make about a thousand Gil by finishing just one challenge. However, if you complete the weekly log, you can earn much more.

To access the challenge log, you must finish the level 15 quest “Rising to the Challenge” on the Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks. The Challenge Log will be accessible if you return to the main menu and select the Logs option.

Crafting and Gathering

You can choose from various jobs in Final Fantasy XIV. Some classes, like the Disciples of the Hand, focus on crafting an item, while others, like the Disciples of the Land, are more concerned with gathering resources.

Alchemist, Armorer, Goldsmith, Culinarian, and Blacksmith are some of the most lucrative crafting specialties in the game. All forms of crafting are helpful, although these usually result in the most valuable goods.

The benefit of crafting is that you can offer in-demand furniture, consumables, equipment, and other resources on the market board for some Gil. Many players do not want to exert the effort necessary to produce the essential items they typically require.

As a result, there is frequently a steady demand for handcrafted goods at the Market Board, making this a very profitable sellers’ market for talented crafters willing to put in the effort. This could be a simple approach to earn money if you need some Gil quickly.

As you progress in these jobs, you’ll be able to create better gear, enabling you to sell it for more Gil.

The Disciples of the Hand and the Disciples of the Land typically collaborate. Crafters frequently need gatherers. Since there is always a need for materials, gathering them offers a simple way to make money. 

Even the basic items will sell on the market since crafters frequently prefer to purchase materials rather than seek them. To that end, if you are willing to collect resources to sell to eager crafters, there is a sizable amount of money to be made. You will be able to earn more Gil as your gathering skill levels rise.

The mining class in the Disciples of the Land is most valued since it can be used to harvest crystals, clusters, and shards for a lot of money. Additionally, the gathering classes of botany and fishing can also generate Gil.

Retainers and Ventures

Ventures are a fantastic way to increase your supplemental earnings. Sending your retainer to accomplish these modest tasks increases the likelihood that they will return with sellable loot, allowing you to earn significant rewards for essentially no additional time or effort.

Depending on the class and level of the retainers, some loot may sell for a high price. For instance, highly sought-after and extremely rare minions might sell for up to millions of Gil.

However, you must finish a level 17 main quest provided by the scions of the seventh dawn to activate retainer ventures. You will next need to add a class and gear to your retainer. Your retainer will level up and acquire experience as they complete tasks. 

As a result, this is a method of farming Gil that gets more lucrative with time. Your retainer will return after finishing a quest with some excellent goods that you may sell on the market board for Gil. You can send numerous retainers on various ventures at once. Utilize this function to increase your profits.

It does require unique money called ventures to be able to send retainers. These are simple to get by finishing tasks such as beast tribe quests or using company credits or seals obtained from FATEs and other quests.

Eureka Anemos

Players can enter the legendary FFXIV Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos, if they have finished the level 70 quest titled “And We Shall Call It Eureka,” which Galiena offers at Rhalgr’s Reach. 

Fans of Final Fantasy XI will love this instanced location because it heavily draws from Square Enix’s last MMO.

In Eureka, there are many tasks that players can complete, and many of them come with tremendous rewards. 

The Final Fantasy XI-themed minions that may be obtained from the FATEs in Eureka are only one example of bonuses that are top Gil Earners when they are listed on the market board.

Full Active Time Events (FATEs) 

Usually around Eorzea, Full Active Time Events are dynamic situations that frequently involve combat. Boss fights, missions, and other exciting activities are all a part of FATEs. 

In addition to gaining experience points and Grand Company seals, players can earn a lot of Gil by completing these events.

Search your map for FATE indicators that occur at random to help you find these events. Enter the radius shown by a blue circle on your mini-map to join a FATE, and then try to accomplish the tasks. 

There are no restrictions on how many participants can take part in a FATE at once.

Maps and Minions

Another excellent tool for finding profitable Gil farming treasure hunts is using treasure maps. If you have a lot of Gathering experience, you might find some treasure maps while exploring.

When necessary, you can also purchase some from the Market Board. In the end, you will all be dispatched on a treasure hunt where you’ll have to fight an intimidating monster to find a cache of priceless items that can be traded for Gil.

The game’s minions are popular favorites, and many players want to find and gather as many as possible. Dungeons, raids, crafting, and gathering are just a few avenues to discover minions.

A sizable number of minions may be sold on the market board, and many players can make Gil by determining which minions are now the most valuable and then searching for them to obtain and sell.

Players can verify whether a new minion has been added and whether it is sellable with each update.

Wrapping Up

Other ways to gain Gil in the game exist, some of which could take a lot of time. It is vital to remember that some items’ values or other ways to collect Gil can vary with each update. 

However, those mentioned here are the most effective means to earn game currency in FFXIV thus far. So that’s all for now, good luck, and have fun!

Nakoa Davis