Dice Game Rules

Online dice games are very popular with many players located around the globe. Most new players are both surprised and impressed by just how much fun and enjoyment those online dice games have to offer.

More and more online casinos are making a point to add these games to their list of available games as a way to provide players with everything they could ask for.


Craps is not only a popular dice game; it is one of the most popular casino games both in land-based and online casinos. The game of craps is one filled with excitement and anticipation.

Many players think it is going to be a very complicated game for them to learn. However, it is quite simple to pick up on. New players will want to begin by learning and sticking to the pass line bet at first.

Once they feel more comfortable with the game, they can learn about those other bets and expand their playing. Craps is available at just about all of the more popular online casinos and is generally a busy section due to how many fans it has.

This is one game that is easy to learn and offers the players a lot of fun and many chances to win.


Backgammon is a very old strategic game that has never stagnated. Backgammon rules have kept developing through its many centuries of existence; new variants have appeared as well as other improvements, organizations, and championships. However, the one thing that can be defined as the biggest springboard of backgammon; the thing that turned it to a modern classic, is the technological evolvement of internet backgammon; software that allows people to play backgammon online against live opponents from all over the world.

The dominant variation of backgammon today is the western backgammon, and all the big tournaments and associations base their laws on its fundamental set of backgammon rules. Backgammon rules are identical, whether you play backgammon online or offline; thus, once you pass the initial training, which is simple and brief, you may combine friendly face-to-face matches with highly accessible and extra thrilling games and features, which you enjoy when you play backgammon online.


Yahtzee has been a family favorite for many years now. Many families even have a night devoted to enjoying the game with each other.

Now, more online casinos are offering it in their specialty section so those who love the game can play it along with their other favorite casino games.

The game of Yahtzee is just as fun online due to the amazing graphics and fast-running games those reliable online casinos have to offer. Each online casino will have its own way of offering the game to players, but it will be a great experience for those looking forward to playing Yahtzee any time they want.

There are other gaming sites that provide Yahtzee for fun only as well. The game is really growing within the online gaming industry by leaps and bounds. Anyone looking for a familiar game to enjoy will want to start with this one.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is considered to be a game of chance which is played with three dice. This is a simple game for players to learn and it is a very entertaining one as well.

The object of Sic Bo is for the player to choose numbers or combinations of numbers which will appear on the dice once they have been rolled. The betting options and the payout amounts are listed on the table layout.

There are singles, two-of-a-kind, three-of-a-kind, and many other combinations. Players will place their chips on the section they wish to bet on and then the dealer will roll the dice. Finally, the winners will be paid out accordingly. Sic Bo is available at most new online casinos today.


If you are interested to play Sic Bo at an online casino there are many choices. To help you find a trustworthy option we have created some country-specific pages of the best new casino in each country.