YAHTZEE FRENZY rules title

OBJECTIVE:  Whoever has the most points at the end of the final round wins the game

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 4 players

MATERIALS:  66 combo cards, 4 dice tracker cards, 8 power up cards, 4 sets of dice, round keeper card, round keeper token

TYPE OF GAME: Dice game




Yahtzee Frenzy is a dice chucking speed game for 2 – 4 players.  Each player is trying to lock in a combination of dice that matches cards in the playing space.  Cards are worth points, and some cards unlock special abilities for the player who captures them.  Capture as many cards as possible and have the most points to win the game.



There are sixty-six combo cards with each card containing a dice combination.  Players will try to roll the combination on the card in order to win the card.  One dice tracker card for each player is used to keep track of the dice rolled.  Eight unique power up cards give players special abilities for one time use.  Four sets of dice are included, and each player will receive their own set.  A round keeper card and token is used to track which round it is. 



Each player takes one set of dice and the matching dice tracker card.  The round keeper card is kept in plain view for all of the players to see.  Put the round keeper token on the space that says round 1.  Place the shuffled deck of combo cards face down in a stack.  Give the power up cards a shuffle and place them face down next to the combo cards.

For a two player game, place three combo cards in the center of the table.  A three player game requires four combo cards, and a four player game requires five combo cards.


Begin the game by having the youngest player count down from three.  After that player says go, everyone starts rolling their dice.  The object is to roll the combinations that are on the cards in the center of the table.

As you roll, place dice in your own dice tracker.  A die placed on the tracker is locked in and may not be removed.  Dice on the tracker can be rearranged.  Any dice not locked in may be rolled again.  After a player has completed a dice combo that matches a combo card, they may slap that card and claim it.  Only after a card has been claimed may players clear their dice tracker cards.

Whenever a player claims a combo card, they add it to their pile and quickly clear their dice tracker card.  They may begin rolling again in order to win another card.

The round ends once all of the combo cards from the center have been claimed.  Any player who won a card that says power up may take a power up card.  Fill the center of the table with a new set of combo cards.  

Some of the combo cards have blank dice spaces on them.  These spaces are wild, and any number may be used to fill them.


Six different power ups can be used during the game.  Each power up can only be used once by the player.  At the beginning of the next round, each player reads their power up card and performs the action.

Early Roller allows a player to roll three times and keep any dice before the other players begin rolling.  Clumsy Roller forces all other players to play with their dominant hands behind their back.  One by One calls for one player to roll only one die at a time.  Dice Thief gives the player the ability to steal one die from an opponent.  Double Up is placed under one combo card to make it worth double points.  Activating Dice Duel causes the player and one opponent to each roll one die.  Whoever has the higher number steals one card from the other player’s pile.


At the end of the final round, each player adds up the point values of the combo cards they collected.  The player with the most points is the winner.

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