This year has been wild, to say the least, but thankfully through the current events, there are still rays of hope. My such hope is the ever-evolving and exciting world of games. I have been most excited about the three I will discuss below but there are most to be released in the coming year that I look forward to discussing with you as well. 

Below I will discuss the second Gloomhaven, Dark Towers modern revamp, and, the one I am most excited about, Sleeping Gods. 


This is a two-parter because Gloomhaven is releasing not only an expansion on the already beloved Gloomhaven but also dropping a prequel to the original. The first Gloomhaven was amazing. It had so much character and as you all probably know by now; I am a sucker for anything Dungeons and Dragons adjacent. I have been buzzing with excitement to get my hands on these new releases.

For the expansion, it boasts a brand-new line up of characters, monsters, and scenarios, all based on the tundra of Frosthaven. For Jaws of the Lion, Gloomhaven is looking to make the prequel more accessible to all. With a smaller price tag and more new-player friendly experience. It is supposed to be a smaller, quicker version of the game I have fallen so deeply in love with. To be honest I am so tempted by getting to play what I love but not spending all day doing one scenario. 


Sleeping Gods has piqued my interest in many ways, and apparently, I am not the only one. A Kickstarter game that earned 20 times more than their starting goal, and it is, to say the least, highly anticipated. 

It is a coop game where you can play with friends as a team of explorers from the 1920s lost at sea. The only way to get home it seems is to awaken the sleeping gods that pulled you here in the first place. It boasts an epic story with an insane branching storyline. I have been excited about a lot of game releases, but this one may just take the cake.


The original game was an exile rating experience where you compete not only with your fellow players but with the board itself. I have been fortunate enough to play the original and I have loved every instance of it. I hope they can capture the essence of the game in the new revamp, though with the all-star development team they have brought together I have very little room for doubts.

The game itself is a battle to collect resources across the board, all to race tot eh tower in the center to defeat the mighty wizard. From what I read the new version is going to be high-tech and add multilevel of new content. I am so excited to revisit this classic in a new light.


Well, there you have it, my thoughts on the above games. I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for these to drop, and I just could not wait any longer to share with you all. Let me know your thoughts below or tell me about some games you are excited about this year. As always, don’t forget to support your local game store, especially in our current climate. 

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