How Are Online And Live Casino Games Different?

When it comes to online gambling outside of slots, there are two main types of games that players enjoy; online variations of table games and live variations of the same game. But what’s the difference between the two games, and how do the rules change between them? Let’s take a look!

The Difference Between Online And Live Casinos

In short, online casino games are online versions of the table games you usually find at brick-and-mortar casinos. These online casino games generally follow the same rules as their real-life counterparts, although some of these games may also provide you with additional betting options that you won’t necessarily get when playing them at land-based casinos.

In addition, we’ve found that most game developers work to provide realistic visuals and graphics within the games, and some have gone as far as releasing First Person variations to make you feel like you’re playing the game in real life but from the safety and comfort of your home.

Live casino games are somewhat different, as they combine the fun of online casino games with the excitement of playing at a land-based casino. Essentially, live casino games feature real-life dealers who are streamed directly to you from state-of-the-art studios located around the world. The dealers play the game as normal, but you simply place your bets over the internet and through your casino.

What’s more, live casino games tend to feature a chat room or messaging service, allowing you to chat with other players and the real-life dealers while playing, making for an exciting and sociable experience.

If your online casino of choice doesn’t offer live casino games, it’s worth checking out some of their sister sites instead. Gambling operators often publish different sets of games across their casino sites to further set them apart.

online casino vs live casinos

How Live Casino Changes Game Rules

Live casino games are much more experimental than basic online casino games, with providers launching new versions of classic games with advanced gameplay mechanics, special features, and betting options to keep you interested and playing. These new versions can often be found at the newest online casinos. We have created some informative pages that will help you find the newest online casino in the following markets:

For example, Evolution has its Lightning series of Roulette games, which add multipliers to the game to boost your winnings to unparalleled levels. The studio also has Speed Roulette, which speeds up the time it takes for a round to play for more gaming. Similarly, Pragmatic Play has its ONE Blackjack game, which also offers chances for you to boost your winnings to great amounts.

So, while live casino games do follow the rules of traditional casino games, they often add new elements or rules to the game to differentiate it from its basic counterparts. These rules and gameplay mechanics vary between developers, but they tend to involve multipliers or new betting options.

Are Live Casino Games Better Than Online Versions?

What you prefer to play between live casino and traditional online casino games will depend on what you find more entertaining. Many people enjoy the simplicity of playing online versions of their favourite table games alone and without others, while others enjoy playing live casino games and interacting with the dealer and other players when playing.

What’s more, we believe that many users will find live casino games much more entertaining to play due to the countless variations available, allowing you to play normal versions of games but with real dealers, expanded versions of games with additional betting options, and new groundbreaking versions of games with changed gameplay mechanics, like Speed Roulette and Lightning Roulette.

Thankfully, most online casinos throughout the United Kingdom provide you with a diverse selection of both online casino games and live casino games, which means you don’t necessarily need to select between the two; just play whatever you want. Regardless of what you select, we’re confident that you’ll have fun and hopefully make some wins along the way.

Nakoa Davis