OBJECT OF A LITTLE WORDY: The objective of A Little Wordy is to earn the most Berry Tokens by coming up with a good secret word.


MATERIALS: 40 Berry Tokens, 26 Tiles and Bag, 55 Consonant Tiles and Bag, 6 Vanilla Clue Cards, 10 Spicy Clue Cards, 2 Dry Erase Markers, 2 Player Shields

TYPE OF GAME: Guessing Card Game



A Little Wordy is a fun guessing game for those that are good with their words! Players will make a secret word from their letter cards given at the beginning of the game. Each player may ask for clues while attempting to guess the other player’s word!

Guessing the word is not the only goal, you must also have more Berry Tokens, so keep up with your stash!


To begin setup, sit opposite of one another, making it difficult to see what the other is doing. Shuffle the Vanilla Deck and Spicy Decks, each on their own. Place four cards from each deck between you and your opponent, ensuring that both of you can see them easily. The rest of the cards may be placed back in the box, they will not be needed for the remainder of the game.

All of the Berry Tokens are placed in the middle of the playing area, making up the Bank. The Letter Tiles should be separated into their corresponding bags and mixed thoroughly.

Each player may then randomly draw 4 Vowel Tiles and 7 Consonant Tiles. They will then place their tiles behind their player boards, keeping them hidden from their opponent. The game is ready to begin!


To form your secret word, arrange any of your tiles in a way that a word is formed. It may be short or long, but it must be a valid word spelled only with the tiles you have available. Once the word is formed, write it down on the designated section of your Player Shield then scramble your tiles so that your word is no longer seen. Your secret word should always be just that, secret.

After writing down your word, fold your Player Shield and put it out of the way . This will allow both players to see the other’s tiles. You may take notes on your folded Player Shield. When both players are ready, you may swap tiles completely, giving all of your tiles to your opponent and vise versa. Each player may now take turns.

When taking a turn, you may either activate a clue or you may guess your opponent’s word. When activating clues, you can earn a hint to aid in guessing the word. Each clue card has an action, an activation fee, and instructions. After you complete the action and your opponent earns their Berry Tokens from the bank, your turn is complete.

You may also guess your opponent’s secret word in place of using a clue card during your turn. Announce what you want to guess. If your guess is correct, then the end of the game has begun. If your guess is incorrect, they gain two Berry Tokens from the bank, and your turn is over.


The end of the game depends on the amount of Berry Tokens that each player has. If you have the most Berry Tokens when you guess their secret word, then you win the game! If you have less Berry Tokens when you guess their secret word, the game continues until you earn at least one more Berry Token than your opponent, then you win! If they earn more Berry Tokens and guess your secret word, then they win.

Nakoa Davis