OBJECTIVE OF ABALONE: The objective of Abalone is to be the first player to push six of an opponent’s marbles out of play.


MATERIALS: Game board, 14 Black Marbles, 14 White Marbles, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Marble Board Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 8 and Up


Abalone is a simple game that was created for two-person gameplay. It involves strategy, defense, and thinking ahead, much like checkers. The goal is to remove six of your opponent’s marbles from the board by pushing them with your own. Will you lose your marbles, or will you force someone to lose theirs?


Firstly, place the gameboard in the middle of the playing area. Each player will then arrange their marbles, one player takes white, and one player takes black. The marbles are oriented so that they fill the two back rows and the three spots in the middle of the third row on their side.

Once the marbles are arranged correctly, with all fourteen being on the side of the correct player, the game is ready to begin.


During their turn, a player may move their marbles one space. They may move a single marble or an entire column of their color. A column may consist of two or three marbles that are directly adjacent to each other. Marbles may move in an in-line way or a side-step way. If moving a column, all marbles must be moved in the same direction.

If a player’s column is facing another player’s column of lesser marbles, then that player has the advantage, or Sumito. The column containing more marbles may push the other one space. Only three marbles can be moved at one time, regardless of orientation.

Gameplay continues in this manner, with players taking turns moving their marbles, until one player has six marbles that have been pushed off of the board.


Whenever a player has six marbles that have been pushed off of the board, the game comes to an end. The player that has not had their marbles pushed of off the board, wins the game!

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