OBJECTIVE OF ABROASTA:  Be the player with the lowest score once 100 points has been reached



RANK OF CARDS: (low) Ace – King (high)

TYPE OF GAME: Hand Shedding

AUDIENCE: Kids, Adults


Abroasta is a hand shedding race for four players that was created by Tom Acker and Rachel Secenghier.  During this game, players are trying to be the first to get rid of all the cards from their hands.  Once a player accomplishes this, they quickly slap the smallest discard pile on the table.  As soon as a pile is slapped, the other players immediately slap and claim what they think is the smallest of the remaining piles.

Although this game can be played with more or less than 4 players, the rules and gameplay are the smoothest when only four players are involved.  As more players are added, the rules become more complicated.  For the rules regarding different player counts, click here.


Four player Abroasta uses a standard 52 card French deck.  Determine the dealer, shuffle the cards thoroughly and deal thirteen cards to each player face down.  The player receiving the cards does not look at them.  Each round, the deal passes to the left.

Once all of the cards have been dealt, the dealer signals for the game to begin by saying go!


Beginning with the Aces, cards are played in ascending order as quickly as possible.  The first cards to be played to the table are the Aces.  This will create four separate piles on which cards can be played regardless of suit.  Players can only play one card at a time.  Play continues until one of the players has successfully emptied their hand.

Once a player empties their hand, they slap and claim what they think is the smallest pile of cards.  As soon as a player slaps a pile, the other piles are up for grabs.  The remaining players should disregard the cards that are left in their hand and try to claim the next smallest piles.  The first player to get their hand on the pile claims it.


Players earn 1 point for each card in the pile they claimed.  Cards left in hand do not count as points except for the 4 of Clubs.  The player who still has the 4 of Clubs in their hand at the end of the round adds an additional 8 points to their score.


The game is played until one or more players reach 100 points. Once that score has been reached or passed, the player with the lowest score wins.

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