OBJECT OF BEETLE: The object of Beetle is to be the first player to finish your beetle.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or more players

MATERIALS: Paper, pencil, a 6-sided die, and a flat surface.

TYPE OF GAME: Party Dice Game



Beetle, also known as Bug or Cootie, is a party dice game for 2 or more players. Each player will have their own paper and pencil and will take turns rolling a die. You will then draw a part of your beetle determined by the number rolled. The player who completes their beetle first wins.


Each player will receive a single sheet of paper and a pencil. The die used for every player will be placed centrally. If playing with smaller children, it may also be a good idea to draw out an example of a beetle and label which body parts correspond to each number on the die.


The first player is chosen randomly by rolling the die. The player who ends with the highest number goes first. Ties are rerolled until a first player is achieved. The play proceeds from the first player clockwise around the table.

The first player will take the die and roll it and may potentially draw the body part associated with the number rolled. A one indicated the body. A two indicates the head. A three indicates a leg. A four indicated an eye. A five indicates an antenna. Finally, a six indicates the tail.

When playing some body parts must be drawn before others. The first thing a player must draw is the body and then the head. After the body is drawn you can start to add legs and a tail, but not eyes and antennas until the head is drawn. This means nothing can be drawn until a player first rolls a 1.

If a player rolls the die and cannot draw the body part needed or already has, then the die is passed to the next player. if they can draw the body part it is drawn and then the die is passed to the next player.

To win your beetle must have 1 body, 1 tail, 6 legs, 1 head, 2 antennas, and 2 eyes. So to win you need to roll at least one 1, one, 2, six 3s, two 4s, two 5s, and one 6. 


The game is won by the first player to finish their beetle completely. The game may continue to find placements for the other players as well.

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