OBJECTIVE OF BLIND DOMINOES: Be the first player to play all your dominoes

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 4 players


TYPE OF GAME: Block Domino Game

AUDIENCE: Kids, Adults


Blind Dominoes is a fun variant of the classic Block Domino game.  Players are trying to play all of their dominoes by placing them on the line.  The twist in this game is that players may not look at their own dominoes.  They are kept face down.  As the dominoes are either played or maneuvered in a persons hand, having a sharp memory certainly helps.


Blind Dominoes is best played with a double six set.  Turn all of the dominoes face down on the playing space and give them a good shuffle.  To determine who goes first, each player should draw one domino.  The player with the highest pip total drawn goes first.  Place those dominoes back into the pile and shuffle them up again.

Players should take turns drawing one domino at a time until they have the required amount. 


The rest of the dominoes are placed off to the side.  They are not used for this game.

Players should not look at the dominoes they draw.  Instead place them face down in front of them in a row from left to right.  Each player should have their dominoes organized this way. 

Now that the dominoes have been drawn and organized, play may begin.


During a player’s turn, they may choose any of their dominoes to reveal.  If that domino can be added onto the line, they immediately choose a second domino to reveal.  If that domino can be added onto their first, they may flip another domino over.  This continues until a revealed domino cannot be played with the others.  The dominoes that can be played are added onto the line, and If a domino is revealed and cannot be played, it is moved to the end of the row face down.  If the domino that cannot be played is a double, it is moved to the end of the row face up instead.  Once a player reveals a domino that cannot be played, their turn is over.

Play like this continues until one of the players has played all of their dominoes or the game is blocked.


When a player gets rid of all their dominoes, the round is immediately over.  That player wins the round.

If at any point, none of the players are able to play a domino, the game becomes blocked.  In this case, the player with the lowest pip total wins.

If you wish to play multiple rounds and keep score, the winning player earns one point for winning the round.  The first player to reach five points wins.

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