OBJECTIVE OF BLOKUS TRIGON: Place as many pieces as possible on the board.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 4 players

MATERIALS:  Hexagon board, 88 game pieces in four different colors 

TYPE OF GAME: Board game

AUDIENCE: Kids, Adults


Blokus Trigon is a tile placement game published by Mattel in 2008.  Much like its predecessor, Trigon challenges players to place as many of their pieces onto the board as possible.  Each piece is made up of one or more triangles rather than squares, and pieces of the same color can only be placed corner to corner.  For any fan of the classic Blokus, Trigon is a must buy.


 The game includes one hexagon game board and 88 tiles in four different colors.   In each color, there are 12 pieces with six triangles in them, 4 pieces with five triangles in them, 3 pieces with four triangles in them, 1 piece with three triangles, 1 piece with two triangles, and 1 piece that is a single triangle.


Place the board in the center of the playing space.  Each player should choose a set of colored tiles.  It helps to lay out the pieces according to the number of triangles it has.


The turn order goes blue, yellow, red, and green.  On a player’s first turn, they must place their piece on one of the board’s starting positions.  


From the second turn on, players must place their pieces so that they touch at least one other piece of the same color.  Pieces of the same color can only touch corner to corner.

Two pieces of the same color cannot touch side to side.

Pieces of different colors can touch corner to corner or side to side.

Play continues in order (blue, yellow, red, green) until a player is no longer able to play a piece.


When a player is not able to play a piece to the board, they are done for the game.  The remaining players continue playing until they cannot add more pieces.  The last player remaining continues to play pieces until they are blocked as well.


Each player looks at their remaining pieces and counts the individual triangles.  Each triangle is -1 point from their score.

A player earns 15 points for placing all of their pieces on the board and a 5 point bonus if their last piece was the individual triangle.


The player with the highest score wins the game.


In a two player game, one player controls the blue and red pieces while the other player controls the yellow and green pieces.  Turn order will go blue, yellow, red, and green.  When placing the starting pieces, the blue piece is placed opposite of the red piece, and the yellow piece is placed opposite of the green piece.

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