OBJECTIVE OF BULLS-EYE BALL: Get balls into targets to score as many points as possible

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 or more players

CONTENTS: Bulls-Eye Ball unit, Six balls

TYPE OF GAME: Dexterity Electronic Game



Bulls-Eye Ball is a dexterity game from Hasbro Games in which players are trying to score as many points as possible.  There are five different modes of play, and each mode has its own set of rules.  Typically, players are trying to score as many points as possible. 

This is an electronic game that has lights and sounds.  It keeps a record of high scores and plays music while it is on.  Even though it has electronic features, the game can be played while turned off.


Out of the box, players get the top and bottom pieces of the Bulls-Eye Ball unit, two side panels, a stand, six metal balls, and a sticker.  To use the electronic features, three AAA batteries are required but not included.


 To set up the game, place the sticker at the top of the unit.  Snap the top and bottom pieces together and insert the stand into the slot.  Insert the side rails, and the build is complete.  Note that all of the pieces are held together using friction.  The Bulls-Eye Ball unit is made to be taken apart for storage, but doing so frequently will wear out the attachment points.

A flathead screwdriver is required to access the battery area.

There are two buttons on the top of the unit: Game and Select.  All of the game’s menus and functions are accessed through these two buttons.  Turn the unit on by pressing the Game button.  Turn it off by pressing and holding Select.  Once the unit is on, adjust the volume by pressing and holding the Game button.  After the volume menu is activated, select a volume level by pressing the Select button.

To choose a game mode, press the Game button.  Each press allows the player to cycle through the game menu.  After choosing the desired game mode, press select.  A series of sounds will signal that it is time to begin the game.


There are five different game modes: 30 Second Blitz, 25 Point Rush, Bulls-Eye Ace, Target Master, & Practice Mode. During play, bounce the balls off of the bounce pad into the desired target ring.  Each mode has a different objective for play.  At the completion of each round (except in Practice Mode), the unit will tell you the score you have earned and whether or not it is the new record. 


The object of 30 Second Blitz is to earn as many points as possible within a 30 second time limit.  During this game, the bulls-eye is worth 3 points, the inner ring is worth 2, and the outer ring is worth 1 point. 


In 25 Point Rush, players are trying to earn 25 points as quickly as possible.  The bulls-eye earns 3 points, the inner ring earns 2, and the outer ring earns 1 point.  Once a player earns 25 points or more, the game ends.  The unit will tell the player how many seconds it took them to score 25 points and whether or not it is a new record.


The only thing that matters in Bulls-Eye Ace is hitting the bulls-eye.  Each bulls-eye scored earns 1 point, and a player is allowed to miss 10 times before the game ends.  Scoring the inner or outer ring earns 0 points and counts as a miss.  Once a player has missed 10 times, the game ends.  The unit will tell the player how any points they earned and if it is a new record.


Requiring the most skill, Target Master challenges players to his specific targets.  During this game mode, the unit will randomly choose between the bulls-eye, inner ring, and outer ring.  That part of the target will light up signaling which one the player should aim for.  Each correct target hit earns the player 1 point.  Hitting a target that is not lit up counts as a miss, and the game ends once a player misses 10 times.


During practice mode, the lights and sounds are activated, but the unit does not keep track of score or time.


Bulls-Eye Ball works for 1 or more players.  If multiple people are playing, keep track of the total points earned on a scoreboard.  The player with the most points wins!

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