OBJECTIVE OF CARD HUNT:  Be the player who captures the most cards by the end of the game

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 4 players


RANK OF CARDS: (low) 2 – Ace (high)

TYPE OF GAME: Trick taking

AUDIENCE: Kids, Adults


Card Hunt is a deceptively simple trick taking game created by Reiner Knizia.  Players will attempt to win tricks at as low a cost as possible.  As opposed to typical trick taking games in which the trick ends after each player has added a card, the tricks in Card Hunt continue until all but one player passes.  This means that tricks build and build with each player attempting to take it with a higher card.  The strategy, therefore, is to decide how many cards or how highly valued of a card will you expend in order to win the trick.


Card Hunt uses a standard 52 card French deck.  Before the deal, sort the deck into four suits.  Give each player one of the suits of thirteen cards ranging from 2 up through Ace. Leftover sets of cards are set aside and are not used during the game.  If more than four players wish to play, a second deck will be needed. 

Deal passes left each round.  Play one round for each player at the table. 


The first player begins the trick by choosing one card from their hand and playing it to the table.  They may choose any card that they wish.  Following players may either choose to play or pass.  If they play, they must play a card of higher value.  If a player passes, they are out for the entirety of the trick.  They may not play a card until a new trick begins. 

The player who played the highest card after all other players pass wins the trick.  They collect the cards and place them face down on the table.  The player to their immediate left begins the next trick.

Play like this continues until one player runs out of cards.  Once a player has played their final card to a trick, that trick continues until all players have passed.  Whoever played the highest card wins the trick as normal.


Players earn 1 point for each card they captured.  Cards remaining in hand at the end of the round are thrown into a pile called the fox (cards that were not captured and “got away”).  Cards in the fox have no value.  


Play one round for each player at the table.  The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

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