OBJECT OF DRAGONWOOD: The object of Dragonwood is to be the player with the most victory points at the end of the game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 players 

MATERIALS: 64 Adventurer Cards, 42 Dragonwood Cards, 2 Turn Summary Cards, and 6 Custom Dice

TYPE OF GAME: Strategic Card Game



While adventuring through the enchanted forest of Dragonwood, you will face various fierce creatures including dragons! Play cards to earn dice, which are used to defeat your enemies. Score victory points throughout the game, and be the highest scoring player to win!


After removing the two turn summary cards, sort the cards into a green deck and a red deck. Once the cards are sorted, the Dragonwood deck, or green deck, is sorted through. Find the two dragon cards and remove them from the deck.

Shuffle the rest of the deck and then remove the number of cards, based on the number of players in the game. If there are two players, remove twelve cards. If there are three players, remove ten cards. If there are four players, remove eight cards.The dragon cards can then be placed back into the bottom half of the remaining deck. 

Flip five cards from the Dragonwood deck and place them in the middle of the playing area. This forms the Landscape. The remining deck may be placed next to them, facedown. Next, shuffle the Adventurer deck, or red deck, and give each player five cards. 

Ensure that the six dice and turn summary cards are within easy reach of all players. The game is ready to begin!


The last player that hiked in the woods becomes the first player and gameplay will continue to the left. Players may choose to do one of two things during a turn.

If players choose to Reload, you may draw one Adventurer card from the deck and add it to your hand. Saying “reload” brings your turn to an end. Players may have a maximum of nine cards in their hand. A card must be discarded if you draw and have more than nine cards in your hand.

If a player chooses to Capture cards, they mat strike, stomp, or scream. When striking, play cards that are in a numerical row, regardless of color. When stomping, play cards that are all of the same number. When screaming, play all cards that are the same color.

Before you do any of the above, you must announce which Creature or Enchantment you are trying to capture and then present the cards that are being used, including any Enchantments. Then, take one die for each card that is being played and roll them to determine a score. 

Next, tally the numbers of the dice that have been rolled, plus any Enchantments, and compare them to the corresponding number found on the Creature or Enchantment card. The sword represents a strike, the boot a stomp, and the face a scream. You capture the card if the total of your dice is equal to or greater than the number found on the card.

If you defeat a creature, it is then placed face down in a  victory pile next to you, along with all the cards used to defeat it. If you do not defeat the creature, then you must discard one card as a wound. If an Enchantment has been captured, it is placed face up in front of you, and it may be used throughout the remainder of the game. All Adventurer cards used to capture it may be discarded. Ensure that the Landscape stays refreshed throughout the game, leaving no spaces empty.

Dragon Spell:

If a player has a set of three Adventurer cards that are the same color and same consecutive numbers, then they may discard the to earn two dice. If they roll a 6 or higher, then the dragon is defeated.

Card Types

Lucky Ladybugs: 

If a lucky ladybug is drawn, the player must discard the card and draw two additional cards.


Creature cards make up the majority of the Dragonwood deck, allowing for plenty of opportunities to defeat them and earn Victory points. The amount of Victory points won when a creature is defeated is found at the bottom left hand corner of the card.


Enchantment cards make it easier to defeat creatures. Enchantments, unless otherwise indicated, stay with you throughout the course of the game and may be used each turn. The amounts required to capture Enchantments are found in the bottom left hand corner of the card.


When events occur, they occur immediately and effect all players Instructions on the card are read and then the card is discarded for the rest of the game. Replace the Landscape with another Dragonwood card. 


The game may end in one of two ways. If both dragons have been defeated, the game comes to an end, or if two Adventure decks have been played through, it will also come to an end.

Players then tally their victory points on their captured character cards. The player with the most captured character cards earns three bonus points. The player with the highest total wins!

Nakoa Davis