OBJECT OF FARKLE FLIP: The object of Farkle Flip is to be the first player to reach 10,000 points or more!

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or more players

MATERIALS: 110 playing cards




Farkle Flip is a game where strategy and timing are key. You attempt to make combinations that earn you more points. However, when building these combinations, they must be left in the open where other players may steal them!

Are you willing to build a combination and allow another person to steal your points? Would you rather just earn small amounts of points throughout the game? Have fun, be brave, and strategize heavily in this awesome card game!


To setup, begin by placing the score summary cards where everyone can see, that way there is no confusion with the scoring throughout the game. Shuffle the cards, and deal one card to each player. This card is to be placed in front of the player, away from the middle of the group, face up. 

Players have the ability to use any other player’s cards throughout the game! You’ll learn as you go! Place the deck facedown in the middle of the group. The group then chooses a player to be the scorekeeper. They will need paper and a pencil. The game is ready to begin!


To begin, the goal of Farkle Flip is to earn matching sets. The larger the set, the more points that are earned. The player to the left of the dealer begins by drawing a card from the deck. They then decide whether they want to play the card with the cards in front of them, or in front of one of the other players. 

When you create a scoring combination, two things can be done. You can either slide the combination to the center of the group for potential scoring, or leave the combination where it is and attempt to build on it for more scoring. When a combination has been moved to the center, it cannot be added to or changed. At any point during the game, you may stop drawing and score any points you have moved to the center. Once the points are on the scoreboard, they cannot be lost, but they can be lost when they are floating in the center.

You cannot take cards from one player’s hand to create a combination in another player’s hand. You must only work with one hand at a time.

When a Farkle Card is drawn, you must stop drawing cards. Any cards in the center cannot be scored, and they now become a part of your face-up cards in front of you. Place the Farkle Card to the side, near you, facing up. Other players are unable to take Farkle Cards. Once you score points, you must use your Farkle Cards, which add an additional 100 points per card.

When you score points, take those cards and place them face-down in a pile. If the deck is running low, then these cards may be reshuffled and used. The gameplay continues to the left around the group. When a player reaches 10,000 points, the game comes to an end. The other players get one more turn to attempt to beat the score. 


Three 1s = 300

Three 2s = 200

Three 3s = 300

Three 4s = 400

Three 5s = 500

Three 6s = 60

Four of any number = 1,000

Five of any number = 2,000

Six of any number = 3,000

1–6 straight = 1,500

Three pairs = 1,500

Four of any number + one pair = 1,500

Two Triples = 1,500

Single Farkle = 100

Two Farkles = 200

Three Farkles = 300

Four Farkles = 1,000

Five Farkles = 2,000

Six Farkles = 3,000

To get on the scoreboard, you must earn a total of 1,000 points in one turn. Once points have been placed on the scoreboard, they cannot be lost. No minimum is required after being put on the scoreboard.


The game ends after a player has reached 10,000 points. This player is declared the winner.

Nakoa Davis