DOMINO SET: Double-6

TYPE OF GAME: Dominoes



Gallinazo is a domino game played in Puerto Rico and Mexico. It utilizes dominoes and a score sheet. The game is essentially the same as a game called The Block Game. However, the scoring rules are unusual and allow for new strategic moves.


A single player shuffles the dominoes by mixing them up face-down on the table. After, each player draws 7 tiles. Drawing is done one at a time, each player taking a single domino until they have 7 in hand.

The first player, or leading player, is the one who holds the double six domino. Thet start the game by setting down in the center of the table. Players take turns laying dominoes. A legal play consists of placing a domino adjacent to a domino on the table with the same number or equal pips. Play moves to the right.

End Game

After a player has dominoed, or played their last tile, the game is blocked and no other player can set down tiles. The round ends. Players score the number of pips on the dominoes that remain in hand. If a player has a score that is less than or equal to the score of the player who dominoed, the player of the last player scores 4x the number of pips in their opponent’s remaining tiles. Other players simply score the pips they hold.

The game consists of seven deals. After, the player with the most points, is required to buy beer for all the other players. Typically, scores are kept on a secret score sheet. However, many players with decent adding skills and a sharp memory may be able to remember the scores without any sheet.

Nakoa Davis

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