OBJECTIVE OF GAME FOR FAME: The objective of Game for Fame is to be the highest paid actor there is! The player with the most money wins the game! 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 to 16 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Gameboard, 4 Sharpened Pencils, 1 Sand Timer, 1 Bank Cheques, 1 Notepad, 130 Money Maker Cards, 4 Character Tokens, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Party Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 13 and Up 


In Game for Fame, the players will attempt to become the most popular celebrity. Just like in the real world, nobody has to have real talent to win the game! The players will work in teams in a number of mini games in order to get closer to the red carpet. Watch your back, or you may get a knife in it! Players are ruthless, and they will stop at nothing to be the winner, as there can only be one. 


To begin setup, the players will split into groups of two to four players. The teams are chosen randomly by the players, and there is no rule for it. Every team will choose a pawn from the box to represent them throughout the game. All pawns are placed on the first space of the board.  

Each team will need to collect a glass of water, as they may need it to complete some actions that the game calls for. The players should then gather the credits, pencils, notepad, and sand timer from the box. The money maker cards are placed in a stack beside the board, face down. The cards should not be shuffled. The game is ready to begin! 


Throughout the game, the teams will take turns picking up a money maker cards, and complete the actions printed on the cards. The player who is reading the game rules will become the first player. A player from their team will choose the card on the top of the money maker stack and read the actions aloud to the group.  

The actions should have one of two outcomes. They should either move the team around the board or they will earn certain players credits. When the action has been completed, the card is placed at the bottom of the stack. The next team will repeat the steps, with gameplay continuing clockwise around the board. The players should ensure that each player in their team is getting a chance to read the card.  


The game comes to an end whenever a player reaches the thirty million Red Carpet. The last place that a team lands on will determine how much money the team makes. The players should write the number that they earned down. One player will then be assigned the task of reading out the credits that were located on the bank space on the board.  

Each credit should have a player’s name and an amount written on it. The amount that is on the credit will be added to the players’ totals. The player with the highest earnings, wins the game! 

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