OBJECT OF GOODCRITTERS: The objective of Goodcritters is to have the most valuable wad of lettuce at the end of the game!

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 to 8 Players

MATERIALS: One Hundred and Forty Loot Cards, Forty Action Cards, One The Fuzz! Card, Eight Threat Markers, One Boss Marker, Sixteen Payoff Tokens, Forty Payoff Cards, and Instructions




After a big heist it is time to split the loot. The Boss should divide everything evenly right? Wrong. The Boss can do whatever he wants until he is voted out. This wild gang will not stand for favorites.

As the Boss, try to stay in charge, handout loot, and still keep some for yourself! If you are voted out, your say so goes out the window! Play fair, but don’t forget every man for himself! The player with the most loot at the end of the game, wins!


Setup begins by each player choosing what animal will represent them throughout the course of the game. They will then gather the matching pieces, which include, five action cards and on threat marker. Each player will then be dealt four loot cards to begin their stash.

Shuffle the remaining loot cards and place them facedown in a pile, creating the loot pile. Divide the cards into equal parts depending on how many players there are. Randomly shuffle in The Fuzz! Card. The parts should then be stacked, forming a single pile.

The owner of the game will be the first Boss and take the Boss marker.


Each round is broken down into four steps. The first step is to Show the Loot. The Boss will reveal cards from the loot pile that is equal to the number of players plus two. These cards are then placed face up in the center of the playing area.

The second step is to Distribute the Loot. The Boss will decide how the loot is distributed. They do not have to ensure that each player receives a card. After the shares have been decided, this step comes to an end. No players get to claim their loot until the voting round has been completed.

The third step is to Choose Actions. All players complete this step at the same time. Players may make deals, threats, and ultimatums. Players choose one of their action cards to play by placing it in front of them for all players to see. Once everyone has a card in front of them, decisions may not be changed.

Threat markers may be placed in front of other players when a threat has been made. A threat means that a player may attempt to steal loot from that player using a rob card. Threats may also be used as bluffs to make a deal with a player.

The final step is to Resolve Actions. Each player gets a turn, beginning with the Boss and continuing clockwise around the table. When an action card is revealed, the player completes the action.

A Vote Yes card is a vote in favor of the current Boss and the distribution they are proposing. If there are at least as many Yeses as Nos, then the vote passes. Vote No cards are against the Boss, and if there are more, the Boss is no longer the Boss.

The loot being distributed is placed in the middle of the table until the next Boss decides distribution. The player clockwise from the Boss becomes the new Boss and a new round begins.

To begin the next round, players take their action cards and threat markers back. If there is a new Boss, the round begins at Step 2. If the old Boss stayed, the round begins at Step 1.


The game comes to an end when The Fuzz! Card is revealed. This occurs when drawing cards from the Draw Pile. Each player will then count up the loot in their stash! The player with the most valuable loot wins the game!

Nakoa Davis