OBJECTIVE OF JUICE PONG: Bounce the ping pong balls into the opposing team’s cup to eliminate the cups one by one.


MATERIALS: 20 solo cups, 2 ping pong balls, 1 long table, juice

TYPE OF GAME: Gender reveal party game



This game is a great addition to any gender reveal party, baby showers, or other parties with non-drinkers. If you want a boozy equivalent, you can always play traditional Beer Pong!


Set up 10 solo cups in the shape of a triangle on each end of the table. Fill up each cup about a quarter of the way with juice or your choice of beverage instead of beer to show solidarity with the mommy-to-be.

Divide the 4 players into 2 teams of 2. Each team stands on either end of the table, behind their solo cups.


The first player of the first team throws a ping pong ball to the other end of the table, with the goal of getting the ball into one of the opponents’ cups. Then, the second player of the first team throws the second ping pong ball.

If either ball lands into a cup, the cup must be drunk and then taken out of the triangle. Then the second team gets a turn to eliminate the opposing team’s cups. Alternate turns until one team manages to eliminate all cups of the other team.

Keep the following rules in mind:

  • Players can bounce or throw the ball into the opposing team’s cup, but if bounced, the opposing team can swat the ball away. If the bounced ball manages to sink into a cup, then two cups are taken out of the triangle.
  • If both teammates manage to put their ping pong balls into the same cup, the sunk cup is taken out, along with two other cups. Then, the team gets the balls back to have another turn.
  • Teammates can rerack the opposing team’s triangle once throughout the duration of the game.
  • If a team manages to sink the final cup, the losing team can call redemption. This is where both members of the team get one more try to sink the winning team’s cups before the actual winner is announced.


The team that clears the opposing team’s 10 solo cups first wins the game!