OBJECTIVE OF JULEPE: Have the most chips at the end of the game



RANK OF CARDS: (low) 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, J, Q, K, 3, Ace (high)

TYPE OF GAME: Trick taking



Julepe is a gambling trick taking game similar to Bourre that is played in Spanish speaking countries around the world.  In this game, players will wager chips in order to collect the most tricks and win the pot.  Players who decide to take part in the hand must win at least two tricks, and failure to do so will cost the player and additional payment equal to the size of the pot.  Julepe is a luck-heavy casino style game that can (but probably shouldn’t) be played for money.


 Julepe is typically played with a 40 card Spanish suited deck, but it can easily be played with a modified 52 card deck.  Remove the 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s to form the 40 card deck needed for the game.  Cards rank 2’s low up through Kings, 3’s, and Aces high.  It is quite common for the 3 to be the second highest ranking card in Spanish and Italian games.

Before the game begins, each player is given a set amount of chips, and an ante is agreed upon.  Each hand, players that want to participate will need to pay the ante into the pot.

The dealer shuffles and five cards are dealt to each player at the table.  The next card of the deck is turned up on the table, and it establishes the trump suit for the round.  Going around the table, each player states whether they will pass on the hand or play.  If they want to play, they pay the ante, and they may discard 1 to 5 cards from their hand with new cards from the deck.  If they pass, they discard their hand and wait until the end of the round.  The dealer must always play.

Cards that are discarded can be collected by the dealer and used to replenish the deck for the exchagnes if needed.

Players that have chosen to stay in for the round and play are obligated to capture at least 2 tricks.  Failure to do so will cost an extra payment to the winner.   If the dealer chooses, they may pick up and exchange the turn-up card for a card from their hand.  They must do this before looking at their hand, so they will be picking a card blindly from their hand to replace.  That chosen card is discarded.  If the dealer chooses to do this, they must capture at least 3 tricks or else pay an extra cost to the winner of the round. 


The player left of the dealer leads the first trick with any card, and following players must follow suit if they can.  If a player cannot follow suit, they must play a trump card to the trick.  The highest card in the lead suit or the highest played trump card wins.  The trick-winner leads, and play continues until all five tricks are complete.

Once a round is complete, payments are made.  Collect all the cards.  The deal passes left each round.


The player that collects the most tricks (with a minimum of 2) wins the entire pot.  Any player who did not capture two tricks must make an extra payment equal to the total pot amount to the winning player.  If two players tie for most tricks (with a minimum of 2), the pot and payments are split.  If every player fails to capture at least 2 tricks, each player makes the penalty payment equal to the pot’s value toward the pot for the next hand.


The player with the most chips or the last player remaining with chips wins the game.

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