OBJECT OF LLAMA DRAMA: The objective of Llama Drama is to be the first player to finish with all of their cards.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players

MATERIALS: Llama Drama Playing Cards and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Family Card Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 7 and Up


Llama Drama is a fun, family friendly game that is quick paced and easy to play. This game has simple rules, but can be difficult to stop! Play with llamas that have special powers, be strategic in planning, and try to get rid of all of your cards before another player beats you to it!

There are expansion packs available, allowing for more players and more competitive play.


To begin setup, shuffle all of the cards. Each player is then dealt three cards facing down, three cards facing up, and five cards that they may keep in their hand. The rest of the cards are then placed in the middle of the playing area, face down, creating the Draw Pile. There should be some space left for the Play Pile and Discard Pile, both of which will appear later in the game.


The group will choose which player begins the game, and gameplay will continue clockwise around the group. The Play Pile can begin with any card that is played. The player must play a card that is greater than or equal to the card is on top of the Play Pile.

Higher number cards beat lower number cards, and some Llama cards beat cards depending on the card. You may choose to play more than one of the same card, as long as it still beats the previous card, removing even more cards from your hand.

If four of the same card are played in a row, then the Play Pile may be discarded and the previous player gets another turn. A player may put down any card to begin the Play Pile. Draw cards from the Draw Pile at the end of your turn in order to refresh your hand.

If you are unable to play a card during your turn, then you must take the whole Play Pile and add it to your hand. Your turn will then come to an end.

The player who gets rid of all of the cards in their hand first, wins the game!

Llama Cards

Numbered Llama:

Numbered Llamas may be played on other numbered cards of equal or less value and some other llama cards, as specified by the cards.

Baby Llama:

Baby Llamas may be played on any card, and the next player in line may play any card as well.

Shy Llama:

Shy Llamas are not able to be played on Big Llama cards, but they may be played on any other. The next player may only play cards with numbers one through four or special llamas.

Big Llama:

Big Llama may not be played on Shy Llama cards, but they may played on any other. The next player may not play a Shy Llama card.

Magic Llama:

Magic Llama can be played on any card, without limitation. The Play Pile is then discard and the player will get another turn.

Ghost Llama:

Ghost Llama can be played on any card as well. It acts invisible and may be treated like the last card played.


Players must try to rid their hand of all of their cards, play all of their face-up cards, and play all of their face-down cards. The first player to play all of their cards wins the game!

Nakoa Davis