OBJECTIVE OF NAPOLEON’S SQUARE:  Build eight foundation piles from Ace to King

PLAYERS: 1 player

CARD COUNT: 104 cards

CARD RANK: (low) Ace – King (high)

GAME TYPE: Solitaire Game



Napoleon’s Square is a double deck solitaire game.  Although the player does not begin the game with the foundation piles started, there is still a high chance of completing the game.  Players will work through the draw pile, build up the tableau, and move cards to the eight foundation piles whenever possible.  With a keen eye and a little luck, the game will be won.


 Napoleon’s Square uses a 104 card deck composed of two standard 52 card decks.  Shuffle the cards and begin dealing out the beginning tableau for the game.  

Around the perimeter of where the foundation piles will go, deal out twelve piles each containing four cards.  Deal the cards four at a time.  Deal these cards out to form the outline of a square.  The rest of the cards must be placed face down along the bottom row of the square.  This is the draw pile for the game.


Players will not start out with any foundation cards.  During play, as the Aces become available, move them to the center foundation locations.  Build each foundation pile up.  The foundations must ascend sequentially according to suit.

Tableau piles can be built down in descending order based on suit.  Any top card of a tableau pile is eligible to be moved to another tableau or foundation pile.  A series of top cards may be lifted and moved if they are in the correct sequence and can be legally placed on another pile.  For example, if one pile’s top card is the 7 of Hearts, and another pile contains the 6,5 and 4 of Hearts, all three cards may be lifted and placed on the 7.  If a space is made in the tableau due to all of the cards being moved, that space may be filled with any card or series from the tableau, draw, or waste piles.

Flip one card over at a time from the draw pile.  If the card cannot be played upon a foundation or tableau pile, place the card on the top of the waste pile.  The top waste pile card is always eligible for play.  

If the game reaches a point where no more moves can be made, the game is over.


Once the player builds all eight foundations in ascending order from Ace to King based on suit, the game is won.  If the game becomes blocked, it is lost.  There is no redeal.

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