OBJECT OF RACK-O: The object of Rack-O is to be the first player to reach five hundred points throughout several rounds of gameplay.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 players 

MATERIALS: 60 Rack-O Cards, 4 Plastic Racks, and Instructions




Rack-O is a fun, family friendly game that is centered around proper numerical order. The goal is to get all ten of the cards in your rack into ascending order before the other players! This earns you twenty-five additional points, getting you that much closer to the goal of five hundred!

The first player to reach five hundred points wins the game, so be conscious during your turn of any moves that can be made.


In addition to the contents of the game, you will need paper and a pencil to keep score on. The number of cards used throughout the game depend on the number of players you have. If there are four players, you will use all sixty cards, three players require fifty cards, and two players require 40 cards. 

Place the tray in the middle of the table. Players will draw from one side and discard on the bother, so make sure everyone is able to reach it. Each player can then get a Card Rack. Next, each player will draw a card from the deck. The player who has the highest number becomes the dealer. 

Return all cards to the deck and allow the dealer to shuffle and deal the cards. The dealer will give each player 10 cards, dealing them one at a time around the group, facing down. As your cards are being dealt, place them in your rack, starting at slot number fifty and moving down to slot number five.

Place the remaining cards facing down in the side of the tray to form the Draw pile. Reveal the top card, revealing the number side, and lay it in the other side of the tray to form the Discard pile. The game is ready to begin!


The player on the dealer’s left begins the game. On your turn, you may take the top card from the Discard pile or the Draw Pile. If you choose to take the top card from the Discard pile, you have to discard a card from your rack, placing it face up on the Discard pile. If you choose to take a card from the Draw pile, you have the option to keep the card or discard it onto the Discard pile. After discarding a card, your turn comes to an end.

The round ends when a player says “Rack-O”, announcing that all ten of their cards are in numerical order. Scoring for the round may begin. The player who announced “Rack-O” earns seventy-five points, twenty-five for being the first player to go out and five points for every card in the rack. Other players will earn five points for each card they have in correct numerical order starting at slot number five. If the numerical order is broken, no cards past that card are scored.


The end of the game occurs when a player reaches five hundred points. This player is the winner! If more than one player has reached five hundred points, then the player with the highest score wins the game!

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