OBJECT OF RAVINE: The object of Ravine is to survive all of the night cards within the deck! This is how you win!

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 6 players

MATERIALS: 193 playing cards, 36 tokens, and one large fire token

TYPE OF GAME: Strategy Card Game



You have had an emergency airplane landing straight into Ravine. Are you prepared to cooperate with your friends, or will you attempt to be selfish? If selfish is your option, you might perish in the night! Working together is the best bet.

Throughout the game, risk your life, in the form of tokens, to forage for items. These items may replenish your life, or they may be worthless. Take care with how much you risk. If you fall below two hearts, you go mad! Be careful, you don’t want the embarrassment that comes with that! 

Attempt to live through all the night cards and wait for rescue! There are expansion packs available to add new gameplay and accommodate larger playing groups.


To setup the game, give each player 6 heart tokens and one wreckage card. Set up the fire token in the center of the group to set the mood for the game! Sort the cards into their corresponding decks, shuffle them, and place them into separate piles face down in the middle of the group. The game is ready! 


To begin the game, each player must take 3 of their heart cards and roll them like dice. This will determine how badly injured everyone was from the crash. Afterwards, players take turns with strategy. A player may use one heart token to earn one forage card. This card may replenish heart tokens throughout the group, or it may injure the player who foraged!

If a player loses all of their heart tokens but one, they must draw a madness card. Throughout the remainder of the game, the player must complete the random actions on the madness card! If a player loses all of their heart tokens, their tokens and cards are distributed amongst the group and that player is out.

Either way, strategy is key. The goal is to survive all of the night cards. Whenever you feel as though everyone is in a good place, draw a night card! If all players perish, they lose and the game starts over. If players survive, they win!


The game ends when either all players perish, or all of the night cards have been survived. All remaining survivors are winners. If everyone perishes, the group loses.

Nakoa Davis