OBJECT OF REGICIDE: The object of Regicide is to defeat all 12 enemies while keeping the players alive.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 players

MATERIALS:  54 Playing Cards, a Game Aid Card, and Rules

TYPE OF GAME: Strategy Card Game



 Go into the castle as a team and destroy all enemies found. Enemies will get increasingly stronger and more dangerous the deeper you travel. There is no winner here, only players against enemies. If one player perishes, all players lose. If all enemies are defeated, the players win!

Are you ready to strategize with your friends and family. Short on playing cards? Simply incorporate a normal deck into the mix. The pictures aren’t as pretty, but it will do the job! If you perish, back up and putt again!


To begin setup, shuffle the four king cards, the four queen cards, and the four juggernaut cards. Place the queen cards on top of the king cards and the juggernaut cards on top of the queen cards. This is the Castle deck where enemies will be determined. Place the deck in the middle of the group and flip the top card. This is the new enemy.

Shuffle all cards numbered 2-10 with the four Animal Companions and a number of Jesters. The number of Jesters is determined by how many players are in the group. Next, deal cards to each player until their maximum hand size has been met.

With only two players there are no Jesters, and the maximum hand size is seven cards. With three players there is one Jester, and the maximum hand size is six cards. With four players there are two Jesters, and the maximum hand size is five cards.


To begin, play a card from your hand or yield, giving your turn to the next player. The number of the card determines the attack value. After playing a card to attack the enemy, activate the card’s suit power. Each suit has a different power.

Hearts allow you to shuffle the discard pile, pull a number of cards out equal to the number of the card, and pace them under the normal deck. Diamonds allow you to draw cards from the deck. Each player, going clockwise around the group, will draw a card until the number of cards drawn are equal to the attach value, but player can never go over their maximum hand. 

Black suits take effect later. Clubs provide double the damage of the attack value. Spades shield against enemy attacks by lowering the attack value of the enemy by the attack value that is played. Shield effects are cumulative, so all spades played against an enemy remain in effect until the enemy has been defeated.

Deal damage and determine if the enemy has been defeated. Juggernauts have an attack of 10 and a health of 20. Queens have an attack of 15 and a health of 30. Kings have an attack of 20 and a heath of 40.

Damage equal to the attack value is now dealt to the enemy. If the total damage dealt is equal to or greater than the enemy’s health then the enemy is discarded, all cards played are discarded, and the next card on the Castle deck is flipped. If the players dealt damage exactly equal to the enemy’s health, then the enemy card can be placed on top of the Tavern deck, allowing it to be used later.

If not defeated, the enemy gets to attack the current player by dealing damage. Remember, spades decrease the enemy’s attack value. The player must discard cards from their own hand at least equal to the enemy’s attack value. If the player cannot discard enough cards to satisfy the damage, they die and everyone loses the game.



Enemies are immune to the suit powers of the suit that they match. The Jester Card may be played in order to cancel their immunity, allowing any suit power to be used against them.


The Jester card may only be played on its own and never paired with another card. There is no attack value associated with the card. The Jester may instead excuse an enemy’s immunity to their own suit, allowing any suit power to be used against them. If a Jester Card has been played after spade cards, then the spades played prior will begin reducing attack value.

After the Jester has been played, the player who played the card chooses which player goes next. Although players cannot openly discuss what cards are in their hand, they may instead express their desire or reluctance to go next. 


Animal Companions may be played with another card. They count as one extra point of attack value, but they allow for both suit powers to be used. The card’s suit power and the Animal Companions suit power can both effect the enemy. 


If an enemy card has been placed in your hand, due to it being placed in the Tavern deck, they may be used to attack. Juggernauts have a value of 10, Queens of 15, and Kinds as 20. They may either be used as attack cards or to satisfy damage if a player is being attacked. Their suit power applies as normal


The game may end one of two ways. It either ends when the players defeat the last King, declaring them the winners, or when a player perishes and all of the players lose.

Nakoa Davis