OBJECTIVE OF ROLL FOR IT!: Be the first player to score 40 points or more

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 4 players

MATERIALS: 30 Roll For It! cards, 24 dice including four sets of six different colors

TYPE OF GAME: Dice game

AUDIENCE: Kids, adults


Roll For It! is a commercial dice game for 2 – 4 players.  In this game, players are competing to capture enough cards to score 40 points.  With each turn, dice are placed near the card that the player wishes to claim.  The first player to meet the roll requirement for the card gets it.

This is a great game for fans of traditional dice games.  Although the $15 price tag is a little steep for what’s in the box, this game is fun!


Roll For It! includes 30 cards with each illustrating a different roll requirement.  It also includes 24 dice.  There are four different colors with six dice of each color.


Each player chooses which color of dice they would like to play with.  They take that set of six.  Shuffle the Roll For It! cards and deal three cards face up to the center of the table.  The rest of the cards are placed face down as the draw pile.

Each player rolls two dice to determine who goes first.  The highest roll goes first.


During the game, players will take turns rolling their dice and deciding whether to place them near a card or not.  Each card has a picture of the roll requirement for winning that card.  The card also has a point value.  As players take their turn, they may place matching dice that they rolled near the card they wish to try and claim.  A player does not have to place their dice.  They may place some, all, or none of them.  Once dice have been placed near a card, they may not be removed until the card has been won.  On the player’s next turn, they will roll their remaining dice and continue the process.

A card is won as soon as a player successfully matches the roll requirement.  That player collects the card, and any dice placed next to it are returned to their owner.  It is possible for a player to win multiple cards on a turn.  Once a card has been claimed, it is immediately replaced with a new card from the draw pile.  If the player who is taking their turn has dice remaining from their roll, they may place them next to the new card if they wish.  Any dice they used to win a card cannot be used again that same turn.  They are collected and used on the next turn.  


At the beginning of a player’s turn and before any dice are rolled, that player may collect all of the dice they have placed near cards.  If the player chooses to do this, they must collect all of the dice and roll them. 


Players accumulate points as they collect cards.  The collected cards should be displayed in such a way that the point value can be seen by everyone at the table.


The first player to earn 40 points or more is the winner.

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