OBJECT OF SECOND THOUGHTS: The objective of Second Thoughts is to be the team that reaches the end of the board first.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 or more players

MATERIALS: A Game Board, Two Pawns, Instructions, Two Markers, Word Slates, Two Sand Timers, and Five Twelve-sided Dice

TYPE OF GAME: Party Game



This game is made for those who do well under pressure! Second Thoughts is a family friendly game that allows for a wide variety of age groups to interact and have a great time together! In an attempt to stump the other team, each team comes up with words which include letters chosen by the multi-colored dice! 

These chosen words must then be thought up quickly, because time is not on your side! The time each team has to create their list is the exact amount of time the other team has to guess them. The wittier the better. 


Each team is given a word slate, a timer, and a marker. The teams choose their pawn that they will use throughout the course of the game. The board is placed in the center of the teams, and the pawns are placed on the beginning portion of the board. The game is ready to begin!


The five, multi-colored die are rolled. It is up to the group as to who rolls them. The letters on each die are written into the corresponding square on the word slate. Simply match the colors! 

The sand timers are then flipped, signifying the lack of time each team has to come up with words that fit the letters and spacing on the word slate. The goal is for each team to come up with five words, one using each letter. After the timers run out, each team must stop, even if they have not reached five words. 

The teams now switch boards. The timer is flipped again! One player on the team will have the board, while the other player does not know what the words on the board are. The reader must then play a rushed game of charades, attempting to help their teammate guess the words! 

They cannot say, or mouth, the words, but they can give hints and attempt a fun guessing game! The team with the most words guessed, or who finish first, get to move their pawn up one spot on the game board! They are one step closer to being declared the winners!


The end of the game is signified by a team’s pawn making it to the end of the board. The first team to reach the end of the board is the winner!

Nakoa Davis