OBJECT OF SHADOWS IN THE FOREST: The objective of Shadows in The Forest is to meet with all other Shadowlings while avoiding the light of the Seeker’s lantern. If you are the Seeker, the objective is to find the Shadowlings.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 7 Players

MATERIALS: 1 Gameboard, 1 Miniature Lantern, 1 Die, 10 Hiding Places, 6 Shadowlings, and 6 Shadowling Masks

TYPE OF GAME: Strategic Board Game



In the forest, the Shadowlings hide from the light. The Seeker, curious of these little creatures, ventures through the forest, light in hand. The Seeker works to find the Shadowlings, expose them, and show that the legends are true. The Shadowlings are fast and constantly avoid the light of the lantern. Will they make it through the night unseen?


When beginning setup, place the die near a light source so that the glowing function charges while setup is being completed. Place the gameboard in a way that all players have access to it. Remove all the materials from the punch boards and assemble the Hiding Places.

The player who has most recently taken a walk in the woods becomes the Seeker. This player will move the lantern while all other players will act as Shadowlings. The game must be played with at least three Shadowlings, but players may add more if they wish. All Shadowlings work together, so players are not assigned a Shadowling.

Place masks on each of the Shadowlings that are involved in the game. The Seeker will place the lantern on one of the red stones found at the edge of the board. Players will then place Hiding Places on the board between the paths, but they cannot touch the paths.

Darken the room so that the shadows of the Hiding Places are all that are seen. While the Seeker closes their eyes, the other players will place the Shadowlings in the best Hiding Places. They must all begin in separate Hiding Spaces.

The game is ready to begin!


The Seeker will begin the game by opening their eyes and rolling dice. They will then move the Lantern that same number of spaces along the path on the Game Board. Each stone on the path represents one space. The Seeker must continue to move in the same direction that they choose in the beginning unless they land on a moss-covered stone.

If the Seeker only rolls one on their first roll, they may roll a second time. Shadowlings are immediately frozen and the Mask is removed if they are exposed to the light at all. The Seeker will collect the Masks in front of the, until a Shadowling is unfrozen. After their turn, the Seeker must close their eyes and let the Shadowlings take their turn.

Shadowlings must only move when they are in the shadows. If any part of the Shadowling is touched by light, they are frozen and the mask is removed. Shadowlings are able to move anywhere on the board, they do not have to roll the dice or stay on the path.

When a Shadowling is frozen, they may be unfrozen by another Shadowling. Another Shadowling may travel to the same hiding space as the frozen Shadowling and stay there for one turn. If this is accomplished, the other Shadowling is unfrozen and its mask is returned.


If all of the Shadowlings gather together with their masks still on in the same Hiding Place, then the Shadowlings win!

If the Seeker freezes all of the Shadowlings with the lantern, then the Seeker wins!

Nakoa Davis