OBJECTIVE OF SLY FOX:  Build four foundations up to Kings and four foundations down to Aces


NUMBER OF CARDS: 104 cards

RANK OF CARDS: (low) Ace – King (high)

TYPE OF GAME: Double deck solitaire



The most difficult part of Sly Fox will be keeping track of how many cards were played to the reserve.  Once a player begins placing cards on the reserve piles, cards cannot be moved from the piles until twenty cards have been placed there.  This challenges the player to keep a card balance in mind while also monitoring eight different foundation piles for possible plays.  What a challenge!


Sly Fox requires the use of two standard 52 card French decks.  Before dealing out the cards, separate four Aces and four Kings.  Be sure to have an Ace and a King from each suit.  These will be used to begin the eight different foundation piles.

Shuffle the remainder of the deck and deal out twenty cards face up making four rows of five.  These twenty cards begin the reserve piles.  Along the left side, place the four Aces in a column.  Place the four Kings in a column on the right side of the layout.  The remaining cards form the draw pile.


Players are trying to build the Ace foundations up to the Kings according to suit.  The King foundations are built down to the Aces according to suit.

Look at the twenty cards that were dealt to the layout.  If any of them can be played to the foundation piles, do so immediately.  Fill any spaces in the reserve layout with cards from the draw pile.

When cards can no longer be played from the layout, begin flipping cards over from the draw pile.  Anything that can be played to a foundation pile should be placed there.  Any unplayable cards from the draw pile are to be placed on a reserve pile in the layout.  Unplayable cards may be placed on any reserve pile the player chooses.

Only after twenty cards have been placed on the reserve piles can the player begin moving cards from the reserves to the foundations.  Once cards can no longer be moved from the reserves to the foundations, begin drawing cards from the draw pile again.  Continue this cycle until the game is won or blocked.

Cards cannot be moved from the foundations.  There is no redeal.


The game is won when all eight foundations have been built.

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