OBJECT OF SPLURT: The objective of Splurt is to collect the most cards by the time the deck runs out!

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or More Players

MATERIALS: 100 Double Sided Playing Cards and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Family Card Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up


Splurt! Is the perfect game for those individuals who have a wealth of useless knowledge. It may not be so useless now. The point of the game is to give a correct answer the fastest when presented with two cards that have random criteria. If you give a correct answer, then the card is yours.

Will you be able to think up random cities, animals, and fun facts quicker than the other players? It is time to play and see.


To begin setup, remove twenty to forty cards from the deck, creating the Splurt! Deck. The number of cards depends on how long the players want the game to last. For a shorter game, less cards may be used. The remaining cards may be placed to the side.

Shuffle the deck, turning all of the cards the same direction and place it in the center of the playing area. The pink side should face up. The game is ready to begin!


The top card of the Splurt! Deck is then flipped, revealing the black side to the card. The pink side will state a category, and the black side will state the criteria for the answers given. Players must then yell out an answer that matches both criteria found on the cards.

The first player to give a correct answer gets to keep the black card. The new top card is then flipped, beginning the new round. Gameplay will continue like this until there are no more cards to flip in the deck. At this point, players will tally the number of cards they have collected. The winner will have the most cards!


The game comes to an end when there is only one card remaining in the deck. The player with the most cards wins the game! One final round may be played as a tie breaker.

Nakoa Davis