OBJECTIVE OF SUPER MARIO JENGA: The player with the most coins after the tower falls is the winner

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 4 players

CONTENTS: 45 blocks, 1 stacking sleeve, 4 character pegs, 4 character cards, 1 spinner, 1 Bowser figure, 34 coins

TYPE OF GAME: Dexterity Board Game



Play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Toad in this racing brick stacking remix of the old classic – Jenga.  In this game, players will move their piece up the stack, collect coins, and battle Bowser.  The player who knocks over the tower will pay a steep penalty at the end of the game, and the player who climbs highest before the tower falls wins the game.


The box contains 45 plastic Jenga blocks, a stacking sleeve to help with stabilizing the tower, 4 character pegs (Mario, Luigi, Peach & Toad), a spinner used to determined a player’s action on their turn, a Bowser figure which sits at the top of the tower in the beginning, 26 gold coins, and 8 five coins.


 The first time this game is played, the spinner will need to be put together.  Snap the arrow into the base on the card. 


Place all of the blocks in the center of the table so the Jenga logo is faceup.  Mix up the blocks thoroughly.  Build the tower in layers that consist of three blocks.  Alternate the direction of each layer.  At the top of the tower, place the Bowser figure.  Keep the stacking sleeve near for player use.


Each player picks one character that they want to play with.  Take the character token and the matching character card.  Insert their character’s peg into any of the holes on the second layer of the tower.

Each character card contains unique abilities and actions to reference while playing the game.


Each player begins the game with one five coin.  The rest of the oincs are kept in a pile near the tower.


The youngest player goes first.  On a player’s turn, they will complete three steps: spin, stack, and climb.


The player taking their turn spins the spinner to determine how many blocks they must stack.  It is possible to stack 0, 1, or 2 blocks.  It also determines a possible coin bonus, layers the player can climb, and whether the turn order reverses direction.



When a player stacks, they remove one block from any layer below the top one.  The player can only use one hand.  It is okay to touch blocks in order to find a loose one. 

Check the block that has been removed for special items and stack it on top of the tower.  Layers must be completed before beginning a new one. 

Give the tower about five seconds.  If it falls, the player taking their turn must return 10 coins to the pile.  If it does not fall, perform any special actions indicated by the special item on the block that was chosen.  If the player must stack two blocks, they may do so after completing the special action.

A player cannot remove a block that has a character peg in it.  If the player wants to remove the block that has their character peg in it, they must first remove the peg and climb.  Then perform the stacking part of their turn. 

You are allowed to knock an opponent’s peg from the tower when removing a brick.  If the player manages to do this, their opponent’s peg is bumped down a layer and that player steals one coin from them. 

A peg can never be moved lower than the second layer of the tower.


The player moves their peg up the required number of layers.  Insert the peg into an open hole on any side.  Wait about 5 seconds to see if the tower falls.  If it does, the game ends, and that player loses 10 coins. 

A player must move all of the spaces at once.  If all of the pegs are taken on the layer that the player is supposed to move to, they do not move.  They perform the rest of their turn as normal.

The first player to reach the very top layer of the tower with their peg (whether it is completed or not) earns 10 coins.  Once a player reaches the top, they can only climb when there are enough layers to perform the climb completely.

A player stops right below Bowser.  Even if a spin would allow a player to move equal to or above Bowser, they must stop at the layer directly below Bowser.  Players must first battle and defeat Bowser before moving above him.

Once a player has reached Bowser, they must battle and defeat him.  To do so, the player must spin a 3 or a 4.  Until this is done, the player cannot move their character peg or stack blocks.  If a player fails to spin a 3 or 4, their turn ends.  Once a player defeats Bowser and moves above him, their character peg cannot be moved below him.

The first player to beat Bowser earns a 5 coin bonus.  The second player earns a 4 coin bonus, the third player earns a 3 coin bonus, and the fourth player earns a 1 coin bonus.

Play continues as described until the tower falls.  


The player that makes the tower fall must pay 10 coins back to the pile.  The player that has their character token placed highest on the tower earns 5 coins.  If the player with the highest character token caused the tower to fall, the next highest player earns the 5 coins instead.


The player with the most coins after the tower falls is the winner.

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