OBJECT OF T-RUN: The objective of T-Run is to be the first player to correctly get rid of all the cards in your hand.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 7 Players

MATERIALS: 54 T-Run Cards and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Strategic Card Game



T-Run is what other players describe as a “breath of fresh air”. This game is not complicated, fast, and generally fun to play! Being a short game, it is great to play whenever boredom is creeping up! Players place cards in a discard pile in ascending order! The first player to no longer have any cards left in their hand wins the game!

Be strategic with your higher cards. Be fast to get lower cards out of your hand! Enjoy T-Run!


Setup is quick and simple. Shuffle all of the cards in the deck. Players should determine if the game will be played one on one or team versus team. After it has been decided, deal the cards evenly to players until there are none left. The game is ready to begin!


The group will determine who is the first to play a card. That player will play a card, or a set of the same card, and then the next player must play a card of higher value. Gameplay continues in this manner until no player is able to place another higher card. At this point, the round comes to an end.

Playing order will then reset and a new round begins. The player who finished last on the last round will place the first card. You may choose to play a card or skip your turn. Skipping may be a strategic move to keep the highest card in your hand until the end of a round, putting you in the lead for the next round. The first player to have no more cards, wins!


The game comes to an end when a player, or a team, gets rid of all of the cards in their hand! They are then declared the winner!

Nakoa Davis