Texas 42

OBJECTIVE OF TEXAS 42: Reach 7 marks or 250 points first!

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 players (partnerships)

DOMINO SET: Double-6

TYPE OF GAME: Dominoes/Trick-Taking



Texas 42 or simply just 42 is a trick-taking game which uses a double 6 domino set. The game is also referred to as that “national game of Texas,” where it is held in high esteem and many towns have local tournaments. The game was developed in Garner, Texas by two local boys, William Thomas and Walter Earl. Apparently, the game was created as a response to religious (Protestant) disdain for card games, a similar origin story to Rummikub


Partners sit across from each other at the playing table. Determine who will act as score-keeper. After, pick the first shaker. This is done by shuffling the dominoes on the table, face-down. Each player draws a single domino, the player with the highest value domino (more pips or dots) is the first shaker. In the event of a tie, the two players repeat until a winner is made.


Like a typical trick-taking gamethe game is a series of single hands, with each hand producing a winner. This continues until one team earns 7+ marks. A hand has 7 individual tricks within it. A trick consists of each player playing a single domino, the highest value domino wins the trick.

Players win hands by fulfilling their bid contracts OR blocking the bidders from fulfilling their obligations.

Play can be broken down into the following steps: shake, draw, bid, declare trumps, play, score.


Shuffle (shake) dominoes on the table.


Players draw 7 dominoes each. Typically, the opponent’s of the dealer (shaker) draw first, then the dealer’s partner, followed lastly by the dealer.


There are 42 total points to bid on in any hand.

  • 1 point per trick won
  • 5 points per five pointer. won: 5-0, 4-1, 3-2
  • 10 points per 10 pointer. won: 5-5, 6-4

Bidding Rules

  • Bidding starts with the player to the left of the shaker and moves to the left.
  • Players are allowed to bid only once.
  • Players must pass or bid higher than the previous bid.
  • If all players pass, the shaker is required to bid the minimum (30 points)
  • ONce the bidding hits 42 (or 1 mark), only marks may be bid
  • Players can bid up to 2 marks, bids after may be only 1 additional mark
  • Marks bid are obligated to take (win) all 7 tricks to fulfill the bid.


The player who wins the bidding (bids the highest) declares the trump suit before playing. Suits include: blanks, ones (Aces), twos (Deuces), Three (treys), fours, fives, sixes, doubles, and lastly No-Trump or Follow-me. Trumps win over all over dominoes played (following the rules of play below). If players fail to declare a trump prior to play, the first domino played is the trump.


The winner of the bid leads in the first trick, play moves left.

During a trick, the following rules apply:

  • Suit Order. For any possible suit played, the opposite end of the played domino determines the win hierarchy. Except for doubles, which are always the highest in their suit.
  • Trumps. Dominoes in trump suit beat all other. Higher value trumps beat lower value trumps.
  • Lead Anything. You may lead with any domino.
  • Follow Suit. If you can, you must follow the suit of the first domino played. If not, you may play a trump (play trump) or any domino in hand (play off).
  • Win Trick. Tricks are won by the highest value trump, or if no trumps were played, the highest ranking domino from the suit led with. Players who win lead in the next trick, this continues until all 7 tricks are played.


Teams keep a single stack of dominoes won from tricks. Keep the dominoes in order of when they were won. Stacks must be visible to opponents.


If bidding team has satisfied their contract, they win the marks they bid. If their opponent blocks them or takes more tricks, the opponents win the marks bid.

This continues until a team wins by earning 7 marks.






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    • Hi Jack, yes you can but it would be called bidding 2 marks. Once the bidding reaches 42 then marks are used to signify new bids. A bid of two marks would make the other players only able to bid increase the bid by one mark each at a time.

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