Three Card Poker

OBJECTIVE OF THREE CARD POKER: Beat the dealer and get paid, or have a strong hand to receive a payout.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-8 players

NUMBER OF CARDS: 52-card decks

RANK OF CARDS: A,K,Q,J,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2




Three Card Poker is very similar to normal Poker, with one exception. Due to being played with three cards as opposed to five, the ranking of a straight and a flush are flipped. So, a straight is the highest hand in
Three Card Poker, followed by the flush. Hands that require more than three cards (i.e. four of a kind) are also excluded in Three Card Poker.

Straight (Three Card): Three cards in sequence

Flush (Three Card): Three cards of the same suit

Straight Flush (Three Card): Three cards in sequence of the same suit

Three Card Poker tables have different options, you may play PairPlus, Ante & Play, or both.


Simplest table game there is to play.

  1. Place a bet (between the table’s maximum and minimum bet requirement)
  2. Receive cards from the dealer
  3. Receive payout (or not)

The payout scale for PairPlus:

Straight Flush: 40:1

Three of a Kind: 30:1

Straight: 6:1

Flush: 4:1

Pair: 1:1

Ante & Play

This form of Three Card Poker gives players more control of the outcome at the table. This can be played with PairPlus as well.

  1. Pay your ante (and PairPlus bet)
  2. Receive cards from the dealer
  3. Fold (forfeit) or raise (matching the ante)
  4. Recieve payout

If you fold, you forfeit both the ante and the PairPlus bet.

If you raise, compare your hand to the dealer in order to see if you get paid.

In order to qualify, the dealer must have a queen or higher.

  • If the dealer does not qualify, the player receives 1:1 on their ante and a return on their raise.
  • If the dealer qualifies and the player wins, they will receive 1:1 on their ante and raise.
  • If the dealer qualifies and the player loses, they lose their bets.
  • If the dealer qualifies and ties with the player, both bets are returned.

Strong hands also receive a payout, regardless of the dealer’s hand.

Payout scale:

Straight Flush: 5:1

Three of a Kind: 4:1

Straight: 1:1



3 Card Poker




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